Clubbers’ Guide to Berlin – June Part 1

By Brendan Power . May 31, 2016

Hello dear dancers and prancers of Berlin, and welcome to the first in a new series of clubbing forecasts which aim to give you a taste of where you can find the best House, Techno and Disco music in Berlin over the forthcoming two weeks. If you have friends in town, or are just looking for ideas to satisfy your personal raving needs, I hope that you will find some of it useful.


Warning: These tips are totally biased towards my own personal taste in what I think will make for a good party musically and atmospherically, sorry, not sorry if your party is overlooked. Depending on what’s on offer, the forecast will pick 3-4 events from each week and explain why they might be fun. Of course you could just ignore all this and just try going to Berghain no matter what day it is.

Wednesday June 1st
DJ Hell @ 60hz

This is a bit of a surprise, but then again, when it comes to dance music, Berlin never fails to supply them. I wouldn’t have expected to see such an old-school heavyweight of German electronic music, as Helmut Geier aka DJ Hell, performing in such a small and intimate venue as 60hz. For this reason alone, this gig is worth a mention, as this guy really is a piece of living Teutonic tanzmusik history.  Check out his excellent mix album below for a taste of what he’s capable of.

Friday June 3rd
Neil Landstrumm @ Griessmuehle

Killekill is a party which began life in the Berghain Kantine, and is associated with a broad range of techno, electro, acid, and abstract electronica. This is their 8th birthday at the usually fun Griessmeuhle venue near Sonnenallee S-Bahn. Scottish Techno jock Neil Landstrumm is the headline act this time round, and if you like the tougher tech sound in his set below, now you know where to go.

Saturday June 4th
Dave Clarke @ Tresor

Many people might scoff at this suggestion, “What’s this? Another tip to go see an old man play dance music to people 25 years his junior?“. While it has been a long time since I’ve seen “The Baron of Techno” do his things on the wheels of steel, Dave Clarke is a childhood hero of mine and is responsible for the most listened-to mix of  my teenage years, which I’ve included below.

A big plus for this gig at Tresor is that if the boom boom downstairs is too much on the nosebleed end of things for you, be assured that you will be in safe hands bopping on the underrated Globus room upstairs, as Serge from Clone records, and the excellent Jack Haighton from Hotflush, will both no doubt bring the heat with their signature house sounds.

Saturday & Sunday June 4-5th
Ben UFO and many more @ About:Blank

You might need to wait until a day or so before this event to find out when exactly Ben UFO is playing at this two day event at About:Blank, but if you time it right, you will catch one of the finest DJs of the moment doing his thing, with able support from the likes of Pearson Sound.

For a taste of Herr UFO’s talents, here’s his recent mix for Resident Advisor’s 500 podcast edition.

Friday June 10th
Mint @ Prince Charles
Female Pressure @ Tresor

On one hand, it’s a shame that in 2016 female DJs (I’ve always found the term DJanes more than a little odd…) are still by and large so proportionately under-represented on club line-ups. So much so that often gender-focused events are required in order to give a platform to deserving and talented women in the business. On the other hand, it’s great that in Mint and Female Pressure, Berlin has two highly respected crews who do just that, and it is encouraging that both can exist in different clubs on the same night.

The Mint party, headlined by Watergate resident La Fleur (check out her mix for Heidi on BBC Radio 1 below), will also be preceded by a panel on The Artist’s Role in Today’s Society, co-hosted by Brooklyn-Berlin label, Reveller.

Meanwhile, at Tresor, the experienced Maral Salmassi will bring her Konsequent Techno sound to one of the scariest dance-floors in the city.

Saturday June 11th
Emmet Condon, Neil Flynn & Boogiemann @ Crack Bellmer

Straight up Irish nepotism right here with this slightly left-field tip in one of Berlin’s lesser clubbing lights… but fuck it, I have seen these guys kill it so many times that I have no doubt you won’t regret the 2 bucks it will cost to be entertained at Crack Bellmer.

Making a name for himself with his deeper, emotion-tinged House stylings, Lossless’s Neil Flynn is a man on the rise, whereas his occasional partner in crime, the fella known as Boogiemann, never fails to get the people moving with his great mix of all things and house and disco. By simple deductive reasoning, this Emmet Condon lad should also be well worth his salt. Come on you boys in green.

Sunday June 12th
Nightmares on Wax @ Ipse 

If the weather is even remotely good, and you like your DJs on the more blissed-out trip, hip-hop/electronica vibe, you would be well served in catching the legendary George Evelyn, aka Nightmares on Wax, do his thing at Ipse. Lots more on this line up too, but eh, I’m getting tired of typing here. Wet your whistle with his recent Boiler Room set that has garnered a whopping 3.5 million views at time of writing.


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