Startupnight 2017 Urges Berlin to “THINK BIG”

By Andrew Cottrill . September 4, 2017

Startupnight, one of Europe’s largest startup events, lands in Berlin this Friday 8th September.

Picture it: one day, 250+ startups and 90+ speakers, all spread over 5 central-Berlin locations. This year’s motto is “THINK BIG”, so leave those smaller ideas at home.

Startupnight gives startups a platform to present themselves to corporates, investors and potential customers, and is also a hub for sharing of information and ideas through conferences, talks, workshops and networking.

Buy your tickets to Startupnight 2017 here.

This year, their 5th annual event, will see 5000+ visitors and participants, and startups from around the world in categories like mobility, energy, communication, AI, VR, AR, health, fintech and many more.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, the President of Lichtenstein, or someone with ideas looking for inspiration on how to get them moving, there’s so much you can take from Startupnight – wisdom, support and huge networking potential (and, I imagine, a large collection of free branded pens).

Berlin Loves You Startupnight 2017

The conference will take place from 9am-5pm, with talks on the main stages running into the night. Our own Joab Nist from Notes of Berlin will take the main stage from 23Uhr. Find the full list of participating startups, the Startupnight programme, conference programme and purchase your tickets here. Tickets to the exhibition cost only €10.

Startupnight 2017 Locations

Deutsche Telekom’s Representative Office
Französische Str. 33 a-c
10117 Berlin

Deutsche Bank’s Atrium
Unter den Linden 13/15 (Entrance Charlottenstr.)
10117 Berlin

DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Friedrichstraße 84
10117 Berlin

Microsoft Atrium
Unter den Linden 17
10117 Berlin

Open Telekom Cloud-Truck
Behrenstraße 47
10117 Berlin

Let’s Workshop: “Content meets Tech – Wie Influencer und Startups Markengeschichten inszenieren”

As part of the evening, our friends at Blogfabrik are hosting four talks on a range of influencer/social media topics:

Mastering Instagram – Grow Your Following to Promote Your Project. 18:00-18:30

With over 700 million actives, Instagram is currently one of the most powerful social networks on the planet and a tremendous promotional tool. The platform’s power lies in the ability to build one-on-one connections with its users, which takes patience and time. In this workshop, you’ll learn best practices for Instagramming your business, project or persona with a focus on maximizing the potential to reach and engage a large network of followers. From creating a profile and filtering content to using hashtags and storytelling to your advantage, you’ll be guided through the process of organically growing your channel. Don’t forget to bring your phone!

Alejandro Arretureta is a photographer and Instagrammer who manages @alexberlinetta and @carphiles.

Find out more here.

Become a Smart Photography Guru – Take better, more engaging photos with your smart phone. 18:30-19:00

Smart phones are getting smarter and their cameras are becoming more professional. This workshop will help you take full advantage of this powerful tool, by providing all the skills, tips, insights and tricks needed to become a true social media guru. You’ll learn the latest smartphone techniques designed to turn your everyday photos into professional looking content, so that you can take better, more engaging smartphone photographs, whether at home or in the office. Even without a studio, you’ll find out how you can take professional studio-style photos using everyday household objects along with a few easy DIY camera tricks. To participate in this workshop, make sure to bring along your fully charged smartphone.

Nina Raasch is a German photographer currently working between Berlin and London. Her work focusses on fashion and documentary photography. Nathan Ceddia is an Australian-born filmmaker and content producer who works with commercial brands, artistic institutions and private clients to deliver visually compelling creative content.

Find out more here.

“Closed today. Because of yesterday”- readings of the best NOTES OF BERLIN. 19:00-19:30

Joab Nist: Blogger, Author, Founder, Head of NOTES OF BERLIN
Zettelbotschaften wie „Heute geschlossen wegen gestern“, „Merke: Wenn Hose auf, dann Fenster zu.“ oder „Hallo Rawad, melde dich, du wirst Vater!“ erlauben tiefe Einblicke in die Berliner Alltagskultur. Seit über sieben Jahren dokumentiert Joab Nist diese Berliner Zettelwirtschaft mit seinem Blogprojekt „Notes of Berlin“. Wie ticken die Menschen hier, was beschäftigt wen, wo, wie und warum? Die Notes sind Vermittler aktueller sozialer Realität und darüber hinaus äußerst unterhaltsam! In der Lesung trägt Nist die amüsantesten und skurrilsten Notes der vergangenen sieben Jahre vor.

300 000 Social Media Follower*innen, bis zu 1 Million Seitenaurufe pro Monat, über 20 000 Einsendungen der Community … die „Notes of Berlin“ florieren. Gründer Joab Nist präsentiert ein ultimatives Best Of.

Find out more here.
300,000 social media followers *, up to 1 million pages per month, over 20,000 community submissions … the “Notes of Berlin” are thriving. Founder Joab Nist presents an ultimate Best Of.

Premiere: “Rohpost ist die Rohkost unter den sozialen Netzwerken: eine Kommunikations-App ohne Zusatzstoffe”. 19:30-20:00

Mit der App wollen wir Menschen helfen, miteinander im Kontakt zu bleiben, ohne ihr Leben auf Sozialen Netzwerken aller Welt preisgeben zu müssen. Die Kernidee ist, dass jeder pro Tag nur eine Nachricht schreiben und diese mit so vielen Menschen teilen kann, wie er oder sie möchte. Dadurch brauchen wir keine Algorithmen, die bestimmen, was die Nutzer zu sehen bekommen, sondern die Nutzer erhalten diese Verantwortung wieder zurück. Freunde können auf die Nachricht mit einem sogenannten Echo reagieren: Es sieht aus wie ein Kommentar, ist aber nur für den Absender der Nachricht sichtbar. Likes gibt es bei uns nicht, d.h. wenn man auf eine Nachricht reagieren will, muss man etwas schreiben. Wenn ihr mehr über die App und unsere Beweggründe wissen wollt, schreibt mir sehr gerne eine persönliche Nachricht!

Find out more here.

Buy your tickets to Startupnight 2017 here.

Article sponsored by Startupnight.


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