If Berlin is Start-Up City, Tech Open Air’s the Biggest Party in Town

By Martin Stokes . July 6, 2016

Tech Open Air Berlin 2015

Berlin, a city known for its techno churches, hedonism and libidinous lifestyles, has also established itself as a Mecca for the ever-growing tech start-up scene. These young Berlin start-ups make their pilgrimages to tech-fests, where young, raw talent and seasoned pros mix to make their mark upon the start-up world. One such event is Tech Open Air.

Berlin Loves You Tech Open Air2

It’s more common than ever to spot a Deliveroo cyclist as they speed by, a hipster swiping for cucumber-and-avo sushi with their transparent (and pretty cool) Number26 card, or having your weekly groceries delivered to your door, boxed and correctly quantified, by Marley Spoon. I guarantee at least some readers are listening to Soundcloud as they read this.

But how do these start-ups, well, start up? Where do they develop their ideas? And how do they garner enough funds to get off the ground? One place to find answers to these questions is Tech Open Air, an interdisciplinary technology festival which will be taking place at Funkhaus Berlin between 13–15 July.

Tech Open Air Berlin 2015

TOA is a three-day festival which includes a conference as well as more than 175 satellite events all over Berlin. Expect to be able to connect with tech pioneers, artists and entrepreneurs deeply entrenched in both start-ups and tech, as well as listen to talks and presentations from some of the most erudite in their fields. Come to be inspired, connect, and experience expert storytelling, art, live music and interactive panels.

Berlin Loves You Tech Open Air5

Some of the 120+ international speakers scheduled to whisper sweet nothings include Burning Man social alchemist, Bear Kittay, Flickr co-founder, Caterina Fake, Duolingo CEO, Luis von Ahn, CEO and co-founder of Kickstarter, Yancey Strickler, and former co-head of AI at Facebook, Serkan Piantino. Check out the full programme here.

Along with this formidable line-up, TOA is also an excellent chance to get noticed, as they’re once again giving tech entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their innovative tech hardware and game-changing ideas to a panel of expert judges. Five teams will have the chance to win prizes – as well as speak in front of a conference attendees panel made up of investors, funders and members of the media – and secure a spot on Startup Alley.

Berlin Loves You Tech Open Air6

Tech Open Air provides not only a chance to see great thought-leaders, but also an invaluable chance to network and learn through the various workshops and hackathons which will be taking place throughout the conference. And when you’d like a little downtime from the talks, the numerous satellite events will keep you entertained. Oh, and did we mention the closing party at Rosi’s?

Berlin Loves You Tech Open Air4

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Tech Open Air 2016
13 – 14 – 15 July
Funkhaus Berlin
Berlin, 12459


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