Apokalipstick #3: Quarantine this Friday

By Andrew Cottrill . November 29, 2017

Apokalipstick’s Quarantine is in force. Get to Kit Kat, strip off to your essentials and say ‘ah’ when they tell you to. Don’t let the resistance down.

It’s the last Apokalipstick meltdown for this side of the 2017 nuclear winter, so dust off your gas mask, score some anti-radiation pills and do your damned-est to repopulate the Earth this Friday 1st December at Kit Kat Club.

To get you in the mood, check out the amazing video from their last party:

APOKALIPSTICK #2: JUDGEMENT from Bad Bruises on Vimeo.

If you need any more convincing… our favourites SADO OPERA will be performing an unmissable DJ set.

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Win your +1 ticket to this Friday’s party

BERLIN LOVES YOU has 2×2 tickets to give away to Apokalipstick 3: Quarantine this Friday, 1st December. If you’d like the chance to win a set of these tickets, email us at win@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud by 12pm Thursday with the subject ‘Apokalipstick’ and we’ll pick a winner at random soon after.

☣ Q U A R A N T I N E ☣

“Crisis has struck at the bunker hideaway of the KBB.

The nuclear fallout from an attack by The Heads has unleashed an epidemic of monstrous mutations and these poor, forsaken souls stalk the wasteland of Apokalipstick.

A full shut-down and quarantine has been decreed and it is mandatory that all soldiers of the Resistance must immediately report to the bunker for decontamination.

We shall open the doors briefly on December 1st so all remaining survivors can be brought in and a grand, outrageous party shall be held to celebrate our continued existence and further entrench our resolve to continue the fight.

Join the KBB. Join the Resistance.”

Apokalipstick #3: Quarantine Vive Lamore
Viva Lamore, photo by Krousky.


PEAK & SWIFT ⦼ Renate Schallplatten
Sanni Est ⦼
Michal Zietara ⦼ OSBA / Pets Recordings / Renate
Hc Kurtz ⦼ Phobos, Sensum Digital, Curiosity Music
Crashzkitt ⦼ Deathrave Berlin
The Shredder (eat lipstick) ⦼
Une fille Française ⦼
Goldenaxe ⦼
DJ Swedgelord ⦼

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Martini Cherry Furter
Julietta la Doll
Bishop Black
Signorina Valentina DeMonia
Hotti De Paris
Chika Takahashi
Luna & Sol
Viva Lamore
Lello Li
Vanessa Vio Vaho

Superfly Suspension Crew/1.3% Crew
Noema Pasquali (Fakir & Extreme Body Art)

Tarot Card Reading by Truth and/or Consequences Tarot Card Readings.

+ SO many more secrets and suprises!

Apokalipstick #3: Quarantine Julietta la Doll
Julietta la Doll, photo by Krousky.


The main district of NeoBerlin – A joyride of gratifications and delectation. Where the neon lights and the eyes shine. Watch the pleasure Girlz and Boyz and Girlboyz relish in revelry like it’s their last chance.


Hidden deep below in the under belly of the bunker is the military hospital of the KBB, nurses and medics will tend to the wounds of the resistance fighters, but their practises aren’t for the faint hearted…


Among the ruins of the previous world order, a faction of the resistance have splintered further from the rest and formed a strange new NeoPagan religious sect. You will notice them as your pass through their district by their unusual ways, dress and symbols. Perhaps they will invite you to join in one of their ceremonies…


The radiation fall out has left a wake of terrible mutations and deformities. Some have even been outcast and hide away near the radioactive pools. A Sailors Port where dirty seaman and mutant mermaids dwell, the strumpets and raggamuffins of the waterworld beckon you in..


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Post-Apocalypse / Mutants / Dystopian / Military / Fetish / Creative / Bladerunner / Mad Max / 5th Element / Kinky / Naked / Tank Girl

Get out their pinterest page for costume inspiration.

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Visit their Facebook event page.

Apokalipstick #3: Quarantine
Kit Kat Club
Koepenicker Str. 76
10179 Berlin


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