Your Last Chance to See the Queerest Show on Earth: 4. Vaudeville Variety Revue

By Andrew Cottrill . September 7, 2016

BERLIN LOVES YOU Vaudeville Variety Revue Reuben Kaye

There’s only one bright side to summer ending: show season is starting up again. And wow, it’s starting with the biggest, most exciting vaudeville show in Berlin: 4. Vaudeville Variety Revue. Yep, this Sunday the 11th, Sheila Wolf’s burlesque, cabaret, circus, comedy and glitter extravaganza is returning to blow the top off TIPI am Kanzleramt and this time it’s “more poetic and much more boylesque than ever”. But the event is already 90% sold out so get your tickets here.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Vaudeville Variety Revue Reuben Kaye 3

Reuben Kaye, the costume-changing, audience-destroying, heart-quickening and glass-shattering conférencier is returning as host.

Co-host and creator of the event Sheila Wolf describes Mr. Kaye as “the most wonderful conférencier in the world” and “you can’t describe his talent – you have to see it!”, which is high praise coming from one of Berlin’s most powerful and treasured performers and personalities.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Vaudeville Variety Revue Reuben Kaye Sheila Wolf

They make a great time, old Reuben and Sheila… he’s the bulletproof face of choreographed charm, razor wit and glamour and she’s the calmer, all-natural heart of the show, her stage presence seemingly unrehearsed it’s so effortless. The mummy-bird of a seriously messed-up and delightful flock.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Vaudeville Variety Revue Performers

This big-top ball will feature everything from boylesque to live music and circus, with performers from all over the world coming to demonstrate what makes them exceptional.

Sheila Wolf is calling this “the Woodstock of Burlesque”, a claim not too far fetched – there will be faces you recognise, those you don’t, and those you think you do but actually don’t (I’m talking about Cologne’s Conchita Wurst doppelganger Conchita 4711 here…). I was lucky enough to catch their last show and I’ve still not properly recovered (especially when secret guest Westernhagen performed SeXy live…). This really isn’t a show to miss.

Take a look at the last event for a taste of what’s to come.

Hosted by

Co-Hosted by

Show Line-up
Sven Ratzke & Charly Zastrau (NL)
Molly Moonstone (HEL)
Alekseï Von Wosylius (FR)
Conchita 4711 (DE)
Joe Black (UK)
Lada Redstar (BA)
Arran Shurvinton (UK)
Paul A Jackson (DE)
Bronwen Pattison (NZ)
Ades Zabel (DE)
Charly Voodoo (FR)
Anna the Hulagan (UK)
Trixie Little (USA)
plus more…

Get your tickets for 4. Vaudeville Variety Revue here.

4. Vaudeville Variety Revue
September 11th, from 20Uhr
TIPI am Kanzleramt
John-Foster-Dulles Allee
10117 Berlin

4. Vaudeville Variety Revue on Facebook.


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