My Zebra Skin: A Visual Exploration of Berlin’s Dark Side

By Catherine J. Fehre . March 20, 2014


Berlin’s Dark Side: This Friday, March 21st, artist Julien Barrat will present a series of five oil paintings depicting a melancholic world we’ve all experienced. My Zebra Skin tells the story of a man’s struggle to come to terms with himself and Berlin, which has altered his views towards his own era. According to Barrat, the affected generation in today’s Berlin experience “solitude, absence, and forlornness” as symptoms. With these paintings, Barrat shows different perspectives of darkness through his poetic vision, intending to reach people in other European cities also dealing with this type of anxiety and fear embedded in our lives.


Loislane in Neukölln will be showing the exhibition in the Labyrinth of Feelings, an underground space reminiscent of the works from the German Expressionist movement. Here you can easily be submerged into the darkness of the artwork.


Aside from the physical paintings, the exhibition will also feature a series of six original music pieces, composed by Barrat. The score is designed to relate to the artwork and compliment the paintings, while connecting the visual and auditory senses.


Barrat, originally from France but living in Berlin for the past eight years, will be present at the exhibition and accompanied by DJ Omar (Berghain Kantine). Barrat has previously presented  The Mischievous Night, a solo photography exhibition, and served as assistant director to the award-winning short documentary Exit to Europe.


My Zebra Skin 
Emser Str. 41
Friday, March 21


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