Entrepreneurs! Get Your Business On the Road with the BERLIN LOVES YOU Bike.

By Philip Eggersgluess . May 20, 2016

What’ve we got to offer you? €3000 in total, in expert services and, of course, our super-sexy BERLIN LOVES YOU bike.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Bicycle Entrepreneurs Competition 1

If Berlin loves two things, it’s young entrepreneurs and bikes. If Berlin loves three things, it’s young entrepreneurs, bikes and the Berlin summer. If you combine those three things, you’ve got our latest idea to get a young Berlin entrepreneur’s business idea going.

Think of the many million- and billionaires who say it all started selling out of a market stall, from a van, from the back of a bike. BERLIN LOVES YOU started on the back of a bike. And now it’s your turn.

We’re offering everything a young business needs to get going. All you need to bring is a great idea.

So, what’s the deal?

If you win our contest, you’ll receive our stunning red BLY bicycle for a year. It was originally made in ‘70s NYC for Coca Cola, and features a sound system and a DJ mix belt by Pokketmixer. This is your new mobile shop. Its transportation box is your new store room, with space for your ice creams, your advertising dildos, your darkest secrets, whatever wares you wish to sell. You can do whatever you want with the bike, and it comes with a license to sell anywhere in central Berlin.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Bicycle Entrepreneurs Competition 2

Alongside the bike, you’ll get:

BERLIN LOVES YOU will write once PER MONTH about you, your business, and any events or happenings for a full 12 months. With thousands of eyes on our articles and Facebook posts per month, the exposure will be enormously beneficial.

Alongside these articles, you’ll receive $250 worth of Facebook boosts throughout those 12 months—meaning your articles will go to MORE Berliners, more often (and not just our normal readers).

Our friends over at 99designs.com will design your logo—worth $739, and for you, absolutely free. A little about 99designs:

99designs is the world’s largest on-demand design marketplace, connecting a global community of freelance designers with businesses of all sizes to complete their design needs. Thanks to a great pool of talented designers, it is possible to get a professional logo, web design, packaging design or any project that requires graphics in about a week.

A sales platform and expert marketing and PR help… yep, that’s everything you need to start a business.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Bicycle Entrepreneurs Competition 3

BERLIN LOVES YOU Bicycle Entrepreneurs Competition 4.jpg

How can you enter?

Apply to bike@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud with a message all about your idea, who you are, what your plans are, why you need the bike and what you’d do with it, and anything else we might find wacky or interesting about your great entrepreneurial brain.

Who are you trying to impress, anyway?

Our grand jury includes the BERLIN LOVES YOU team, Marcos Gutierrez, General Manager of 99Designs, and Philip Eggersgluß, Founder of BLY. Creative, artistic, and future-minded individuals looking for fresh ideas like yours.

Between NOW and June 10, 2016, APPLY TO: bike@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud

Think of it. Berlin summer, when “work” is a curse and everyone’s parking-it-up with their beers, hopes, and dreams. With the Berlin Loves You bicycle, you can glide through, selling your inventive products—fueling your brand into the world and making Berlin love you, once and for all.

Berlin Loves You want to give you and your wacky (or dead serious) ideas a chance for prosperity and success.

Winner is be announced on June 15, and the bike’s ready to hit the streets on June 16. That’s right: this summer could be you, this bicycle, and all your clamoring new customers. Good luck out there.

Apply now at bike@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud.



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