Urban Challenger is the adventure app for your favorite, dirt-broke backpacker

By Allison Krupp . July 21, 2016


Backpackers, those orthopedically-stooped turtles that occasionally bag-smack you on the U-Bahn, have a ravenous will for adventure (and sometimes an indistinguishable smell). But, alas, a mere crack of any travel guide reveals an outdated mode of exploration. And who has the space, the money, or the patience for those books by Great Dweeb Dad Rick Steeves, anyway?

Enter new app Urban Challenger, which unlocks the city of Berlin for newbies and seasoned Berliners alike. Traditional treks and museums are for some—but god, that glint of the unknown and that rush in your veins. It’s unbeatable.


The app offers nine categories for adventuring, based on what you’re “feeling” that day (the ultimate freedom). If, say, you whip on your bandanna for “Badass” status, you take a risk and opt for that adrenalin-pumping, off-the-beaten track adventure through the teeter-tottering abandoned places in and around Berlin. Another option in this category “challenges” you to get kicked out of a public place. Rise, my fellow Americans. This is literally what we’ve been waiting for.


If you’re a self-described “Foodie” with a caloric Instagram feed, you might opt for this set of challenges, which helps you dive into the true Berlin culinary scene (think you’re up for the “spiciest currywurst in the land”?). And if you’re a “Party Animal”, this app ups the ante with many-a challenge, taking you on those nighttime adventures that sizzle till dawn (and often after). One such challenge takes you to a punk bar and demands you drink four beers in under an hour for a mere six euro. Call this Englishman for assistance.

The Athlete category zaps holiday flab with climbing, cycling, or swimming adventures that both help you see the sights faster—and offer marijuana’s better-looking cousin, the runner’s high. Other categories include Time Traveller, Connector, Explorer, Nature Lover, and Artist.

Honestly, cracking open a new city is never easy—and this app, for a mere 4.90 euro, does just that. Download it right now, or seriously, make peace with missing out.

Win a deck of Urban Challenger cards
A deck of Urban Challenger cards is like using the app but for real. Challenge yourself and friends to play along with you in this real-life drinking game where the only thing you get drunk on is adventure (unless, of course, you drink during). If you want a deck, Urban Challenger will mail one as a gift to the first 20 people who send their postal addresses to hello@urbanchallenger.com.

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