Tattoo Artist Myra Brodsky’s Premiere Art Exhibition @ LARRY Gallery

By Allison Krupp . November 28, 2015

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Tattoo artist Myra Brodsky opens her first solo art exhibit, with paintings and prints, on November 28 in Mitte’s LARRY Gallery. Her art is now top-tier in Berlin’s once-cheap and amateur tattoo scene. After previously owning The Decay Parlour in Prenzlauer Berg, Myra has cultivated a stunning style—one that’s re-blogged across the world, that’s taken her from Los Angeles to New York to Amsterdam. And today: she finds her home at the Black Mirror Parlour in Berlin.

Myra’s work is influenced by art deco, Art Nouveau, and the Victorian era—ultimately creating this ultra-feminine, 1920s feel with an element of risk, of darkness. She’s part of a “new traditional” tattoo movement: one that refines older tattoo customs with a new, cutting-edge style.

lisa (798x900)

Of her style, she says: “I like the combination between beauty and darkness. My pictures are not supposed to look too girly, and they should not look too gloomy, either. You cannot describe my style with only one word.”

Myra states that “anything from the past has a big influence” on her work. And because her work’s medium is skin, which lies in a constant state of changing and aging, becoming more and more of the “past”—she’s made to consider creating “a picture one would like to wear on their skin for the rest of their life.”

Of this, she says: “It’s very interesting to see the picture—my own work—grow old with its owner together. I just love tattoos from the past that look kind of worn out. I’m really curious how my work is going to look in a few years.”

florian (900x867)

Myra has traveled all over the world, bringing her tattoo art to people from many cultures. But on coming home to Berlin—her home base? She says she can live here “for a very little amount of money and still go on traveling. On the other hand, returning to Berlin always feels right. Let me take over Berlin, first. Then the world…”

The LARRY Gallery exhibition opens November 28 with a Cocktail of the Month Party at 10 p.m. and runs into December. What’s the cocktail of the month, you ask? The Myra—which encapsulates Myra’s aesthetic with coffee liqueur, fresh mint, and frothy cream.




Cocktail Of The Month Event Details


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