Krabat Premiere Ravens & Girls


Krabat– a movie inspired by a german childrens book premiered at Sony Center yesterday. We saw the movie, did the party and found out that there were 2.000 people invited to the premiere – 1.500 came and 700 of these got to go to the After Party eventhough probably only 300 followed through. It`s a … Read more Krabat Premiere Ravens & Girls

Wall-E premiere –> noodle salad out of cans


Alrighty so we went to the Wall-E premiere last night. It`s a movie for adults as well as children. There were A LOT of children though: The movie is cute. It`s basicly about NOT littering and NOT eating unhealthy because you will end up fat one day. You might also call it Matrix as well … Read more Wall-E premiere –> noodle salad out of cans

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