Wall-E premiere –> noodle salad out of cans

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . September 19, 2008

Alrighty so we went to the Wall-E premiere last night. It`s a movie for adults as well as children. There were A LOT of children though:

Wall-E Premiere
Wall-E Premiere

The movie is cute. It`s basicly about NOT littering and NOT eating unhealthy because you will end up fat one day. You might also call it Matrix as well as “I am legend” animated for children. So the usual Disney approach watch & learn. That did not stop the guys from Disney to serve hot dogs, and the worst: meat balls and noodle salad in cans – obviously throw away cans.

Premiere "Buffet"

We missed Wall-E on the red carpet by just a few minuts – otherwise we would have given him a Berlin Loves You sticker but he had to fly on to Japan.

But we saw the Disney guys and the voices and people behind the movie that called themselves Nerds.

Check Wall-E out it`s a nice movie now that its getting colder …


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