Prometeo Brings Modern Neapolitan Pizza to Schöneberg

Prometeo 5

Prometeo is a relatively new spot in Schöneberg that has quickly impressed the locals with their respectful take on classic Neapolitan pizza. Prometeo gives Schöneberg a new slice of life. It might have been a while since Nick Cave drunkenly stumbled out of Risiko Bar on his way to Ex’n’Pop, and Bowie hasn’t been spotted jogging away his drug … Read more Prometeo Brings Modern Neapolitan Pizza to Schöneberg

Laden 114 Berlin Schöneberg


Schöneberg is where a huge part of the Gay Community lives in Berlin. It`s a very nice area with great shopping opportunities and nice bars and Cafe`s. Right there you will find Laden 114 in Eisenacherstr. 114 – one of the Shops carrying our Berlin Loves You Shirts. They have men`s fashion – new stuff … Read more Laden 114 Berlin Schöneberg

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