Berlin’s At-Risk Youth Make Fashion for PEOPLE

PEOPLE – etc.

PEOPLE is a social fashion project. But the individuals involved don’t just make clothes and jewelry. They find their creative voices in a society that so often ignores them. The project is made up of people from ages 13 to 27–sometimes homeless or drug-addicted, from various walks of life and post-different bumps in the road. … Read more Berlin’s At-Risk Youth Make Fashion for PEOPLE

‘The Night of the Singing Balconies’

balcon online.de

Winter is coming! I can feel it… In Western Pennsylvania cold spells are measured by ‘a large squirrel, predicting the weather’ – Phil Conners (Bill Murray) Groundhog Day, 1993. Who or whatever Berlin’s equivalent rodent is I suspect him/her/it to be huge!. Casting a dark and icy shadow across our fair city for way longer than necessary. … Read more ‘The Night of the Singing Balconies’

Martin Eder aka Richard Ruin & Band


Last night we got to see Martin Eder aka Richard Ruin. It was cool to see a painter giving a rock/ heavy metal blues kind of concert. The atmosphere was quite private & cosy with black balloons and red light bulbs as decoration everywhere. If you get the chance check his band or his art … Read more Martin Eder aka Richard Ruin & Band

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