Stay Connected with the Party – Shameless/Limitless

By John Perye . October 24, 2014

Parties. Concerts. Shows. Berlin seems to have an endless offering of entertainment for every night of the week. Just open up both eye lids and you can see posters advertising upcoming events glued all over buildings, lampposts, and just about any other surface imaginable. At times it is overwhelming how much is going on here. Finding a good promotional website is key to keeping up with the constant barrage of live music. A great example is Berlin-based Shameless/Limitless, going strong for over five years presenting acts from all over the world.

First, a little information about the promoters themselves.

What is Shameless/Limitless?

S/L puts on shows and parties and fun stuff that you want to be at and should go to thanks for coming see you again soon.

When, How, and Who started it?

Started in 2008 but a couple people without anything better to do. The question remains as to if we have anything better to do now. Seems like not, as at present it’s full steam ahead.

What do you specialize in?

That special feeling that we all crave so.

How does Berlin shape the events?

Berlin shapes the events in that they take place in Berlin. I would like to think that the necessary mores and customs are observed and enjoyed by those who see fit to partake.

What’s next for Shameless/Limitless you might ask? At the end of this month on October 28, at Neu West Berlin is Sydney musician Alex Cameron and Berlin R’n’B hitmakers Hush Hush.

For next month, sure to be a lively one,  Molly Nilsson with be releasing a 7″ record at Chesters in Kreuzberg on November 13th, with support from Facit.

Towards the end of November on the 21st, and very close to a sold out show already, Mac Demarco will be back in Berlin at Heimathafen Neukoelln, with support from New York’s Juan Wauters.

The list of shows Shameless/Limitless has going on is seemingly endless. To get all the information you need to stay in the loop, click here. Stay informed!


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