PopUp Berlin: your online hub for pop-up events

By Sarah Luisa Santos . September 3, 2014

pop up berlin

Berlin is a vibrant city. There is no way to deny it; you only need to have a stroll around Kreuzberg on a Saturday afternoon to know what I am talking about.

A substantial number of Expats are coming (or have come) to Germany’s capital for many different reasons, myself included, adding up even more ingredients to this great cultural melting pot that is Berlin right now.

Besides the lively changes happening all the time, new places, new restaurants, new parties, new people; Berlin is also a city of opportunities. From what I have seen, many people can make it here.

Noticing exactly this potential, PopUp Berlin was born.

This project first got my attention because I have written articles here on BLY of many pop up events and shops (check out SHIO and NSN), plus I have seen so many new designers and brands looking for opportunities to sell their products, that I thought would be quite interesting to feature what these guys from PopUp Berlin are doing.

Created initially as an app, PopUp Berlin was a way of informing people about pop up events as well as also allowing its users to share their own projects.

A pop up event can be pretty much anything, from a temporary shop, to a warm up party or even the launch of a product or brand, what matters is that the location of those events is temporary and usually with an interesting history or atmosphere – in other words, a peculiar site, not just another rented space.

Soon enough entrepreneurs and brands were looking for suggestions for places to make their events, and then PopUp Berlin was born.

Nicole Rohde, responsible for the fast growing network, spoke to us about PopUp Berlin:

“We provide a service that makes it easy for landlords and tenants to connect and discover each other and handle all necessary transactions digitally over our platform. We remove the friction and overheads that are currently inherent in finding, renting and setting up temporary physical shops.”

pop up berlin team

PopUp Berlin was made by Nicole Rohde, community and project manager, with a keen eye for special locations, Patrick Burkehrt, who has a Master’s degree in Electronic Media Design, and Sven Straubinger, also a Master in Computer Science, PopUp Berlin was shaped, then boosted by CEO Dennis Boehres, former founder of Neofonie Mobile, where he was responsible for all mobile projects for Europe before joining PopUp Berlin.

This successful quadruplet has built a great portfolio so far. Swiss brand Qwstion found their pop up space with them (check their story here) and also Berlin’s fashion sweetheart Lala Berlin is also having their pop up sales through PopUp Berlin.

Nicole, community and project manager, is very satisfied with the results of their work, not excluding the fact that Berlin has also contributed to such a successful story.

“It felt natural to start the project in Berlin, a city that is one of Europe’s most dynamic and vibrant environments for projects and brands and therefore very supportive for new and upcoming creative businesses as well. Berlin is still the top destination in Germany when it comes to international businesses presenting themselves, their ideas and products. Apart from this, Berlin offers a lot of suitable locations and affordable spaces.”

Another interesting project from PopUp Berlin is that they are supporting Etsy community when it comes to setting up their pop up shops, so designers and makers can showcase their work and increase their online audience with the temporary offline location from their online shops.

“Short-term rentals for any kind of trade will create more diversity in every city and support the “offline” as the new “online”. With this, Berlin proves its innovative character again.”

I could not agree more, Berlin is definitely an innovative city in all regards.

For those who are interested in launching their own creative idea, PopUp Berlin is having a meet up on the 3rd of September at Mein Haus am See (check the Facebook event here).


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