This Free Bar Crawl is the Key to Friendship in your New Berlin Life

By Andrew Cottrill . October 19, 2016

New in the city? Want to meet people and make new friends? Simple – get very drunk, throw your arms around someone nearby and tell them you love them.

Caution: this strategy works best in controlled environments with like-minded individuals. On the U-Bahn? Maybe not. At the Bürgeramt? No. At a bar crawl? Genau we’re talking! And what’s a better way to get to know your area and its bars, Spätis and Kneipes than a guided bar tour?


On the Thursday 27th October, real-life social networking app Saya will be running a free pub crawl to introduce users new and old to some of their favourite bars in Berlin.

Starting at 20:00 at rock bar Beakers on Prenzlauer Berg’s Dunckerstrasse, the tour will run through the local neighbourhood, letting you and your fellow revelers get a little more acquainted with the city (and with each other at the same time).

To take part in the Saya pub crawl, swing by Cafe & Bar Beakers, Dunckerstrasse 69, at 20:00 on Thursday 27th October. Remember: you do not have to be a Saya user to take part.


But who are your gracious hosts? Saya is a social networking app which bridges the gap between the online and offline worlds. Download Saya, find something in Berlin you’re interested in and then go along and do it for real, with other people like you.

And the best thing is, you don’t need to register or sign up to use it – you just download it, turn it on and instantly float around their many chat rooms, notice boards or event guides and figure out what you’re doing with your life!

Originating in Indonesia, after making city-dwelling life there a little Indon-easier (+10 points!), the location-based lifestyle app quickly made the jump to Berlin and beyond.


It very quickly and clearly gives you the tools you need to make the city your home – from solving your social life needs, to learning the tricks to the city you live in. There’s also a jobs board for finding employment and even a marketplace for buying/selling second-hand things – so you could furnish your new Berlin apartment in the space of a few hours.


The app is especially suited for students studying in Berlin. The app has a “Campus Zone”, featuring everything a student needs to keep on track with their social life and studies, including sections on Campus Talk, Campus Jobs and Campus Nightlife.


Saya’s motto is ‘Experience your world’. This doesn’t mean ‘go out a climb a mountain’ or some inspirational stuff like that – with Saya it’s more ‘go somewhere new, land on your feet and start living’.

Saya is 100% free to use and if you’re interested in trying it out you can download the Saya app for Android or get Saya for iOS here.


Pub Crawl with Saya
Thursday 27th October, 20:00
Cafe & Bar Beakers
Dunckerstrasse 69
10437 Berlin

Saya’s Pub Crawl on Facebook.
Visit Saya’s website.

Download Saya for Android.
Download Saya for iOS.

Written in cooperation with Saya.


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