Papier Tigre: French Papeterie And Exquisite Design In Mitte

By Allison Krupp . December 15, 2015


Exquisite detail. That’s the central heartbeat of this Parisian brand, Papier Tigre—the new, trendy gift and stationery shop in Mitte. The place on Mulackstraße is a great merge of shop and gallery: glowing with light from floor-to-ceiling windows, its gifts and graphic prints and cacti positioned with great specificity, with knowledge of space and color and line.


The original Marais-based Papier Tigre, tucked on the rue des Filles du Calvaire, was founded by a trio of designers in 2012: Agathe Demoulin, Julien Crespel, and Maxime Brenon. Their aim? To bring style back to the world of written communication; to turn up their noses at the shoddy Hallmark-brand, faux-nostalgia and fuzzy-feeling stationery and cards we grew up with. And in these Parisian craftsmen’s hands we trust.

Thusly: Papier Tigre caters to your manic Christmas-gift-search, offering gorgeous calendars, organizers, journals, and so much more: all with diverse design and a minimalist edge.


And this high demand in innovative décor and paper products requires earnest environmental consideration. Lucky for us conscious Berlin consumers, Papier Tigre supports local French artisans and utilizes biodegradable and recycled paper.

Garçon de Café, the attached café with this similar, vibrant atmosphere, offers French delicacies and stunning espresso for your post-gift-search. The owner, Henri, is a familiar Bite Club face (if you can remember back to those bright and sunny days). Back in Biarritz, France, this coffee-entrepreneur built his car and drove the long trek from there to Berlin, bright-eyed and set on his goal: to begin his coffee business. Like any of us, he felt that Berlin urgency, that fire. And Garçon de Café is the result.

Where: Mulackstraße 32




Garçon de Café Facebook


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