MONTAG MODUS: Challenging Genre and Gender with a “Berlin Dream Project” Performance

By Allison Krupp . September 11, 2015

anniversaire #7 - Festival Reims ScËnes d'Europe - FRAC Champagne-Ardenne - Les 7 et 8 fÈvrier 2015 ‡ la ComÈdie de Reims. Branko Miliskovic

The performance series Montag Modus is a fervid fusion of artistic genres and visionaries, coming together to question the so-called “Berlin Dream” through different aspects of performance. The first fall edition, held on September 14 at the Collegium Humgaricum Berlin, explores themes of Transgression/Creation by challenging Genre and Gender.

This month, featured Germany-based artists Isaac Chong Wai of Hong Kong, Ben Mohai of Hungary, and Branko Miliskovic of Serbia reflect on the preconceptions and limitations of their artistic, sexual, and cultural identities through a living installation, a one-man opera, and a performative interview.


Isaac Chong Wai’s living installation, “The Horizon where we can never Touch” questions perception—how a shift in the world’s viewpoint can strengthen understanding of individual specificity; whilst Ben Mohai’s performative interview “Sontag Modus: Resurrecting Susan Sontag” channels the spirit of the American essayist and critic for a cigarette and questions of concealment of sinful deeds in the age of the Internet. Branko Miliskovic offers his one-man opera, “The Song of a Soldier on Watch (WW3 Lili Marlen),” questioning the German love song “Lili Marlene,” and its involvement in fraternization between enemy soldiers.

The .CHB venue provides an interactive environment—one that allows the audience to challenge sexual, artistic, and cultural limitations on a personal level—to walk amongst the installations and reflect on the process of transgression, as well.

What: Montag Modus performance series

When: September 14th at 8 p.m.

Where: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117-Berlin)


Where to learn more: on the .CHB website here, or on Facebook here


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