Michelberger Hotel Drove 2000km to Bring You Tandoori Chicken

By Andrew Cottrill . August 16, 2017

Hotel Tandoori opens its doors at Michelberger, and the chicken’d best be worth the drive.

There’s been a wave of interested in the everyone’s favourite dyed-red Punjabi classic recently – from Bahadur in Wilmersdorf opening its doors, to Tandoori Takeovers happening all over the city thanks to Moksa.

Now, Berlin’s hippest hotel, Michelberger Hotel, is wading into the action – and they’ve gone to great lengths to make their Tandoori chicken work. Hotel Tandoori opens this Sunday 20th August, celebrating the arrival of their new Tandoor oven by cooking the dishes that’ve made the Indian clay oven famous – tandoori chicken, naan breads and many more.

Michelberger Hotel Tandoori

But where did this massive, heavy, clay bastard oven come from?

Fuck The Proclaimers… one of Michelberger’s waiters expressed his love for tandoor-cooked cuisine by travelling more than 1000 miles. He drove 2000km to Slovenia to source one from a defunct Indian restaurant there. That’s how enthusiastic Michelberger are to bring their version of Tandoori chicken to Berlin. Well, all we can say is that we hope the food’s worth the carbon footprint. But then, their food always is.

Hotel Tandoori’s Menu

Tandoori chicken – spiced cashew & sunflower seed cream – 12€
Salut gobi – sweet potato & cauliflower curry (vegan) – 10€
Tandoori red mullet – fennel & yoghurt – 13€
Lamb rogan josh – 14€
Baingan bharta – roasted aubergine (vegan) – 10€

***All dishes served with a freshly baked naan, kachumber salad and raita***

Hotel Tandoori at Michelberger Hotel
Warschauer Str. 39-40
10243 Berlin


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