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Martin Stokes hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. He digs writing about all manner of things and can quote lines from films like nobody's business. He moved to Berlin in 2015 and is working assiduously at broadening his repertoire of bad jokes. ms@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud

Tom is a Welsh musician who writes about music. If you're looking for him, check the nearest Lidl or Eck Kneipe - he's more than certainly in one of the two. tt@berlinlovesyou.com

Steffi Jahn is a German writer living and working in Berlin. After exploring the city for almost 10 years, Berlin is her sweet companion and partner in crime. She's an art addict and a fashion enthusiast who you'll find reading and writing on trains and in parks and cafés across the city.

Antonio is a Colombian photographer who recently moved to Berlin after spending three years in NYC, capturing the catwalks of New York Fashion Week and NYC's urban lifestyle. Running @berlinlovesyou's Instagram, Antonio will photo-document Berlin as he discovers new places and new faces in this multi-faceted city. His first Berlin moment started with a spontaneous plane trip here one November weekend... Berlin gave him the coldest shoulder, but even the icy wind couldn't stop him from falling in love with the city.

Allison Krupp is an American novelist, screenwriter, and travel writer, scouring the city for earnest conversations with other Berlin weirdos. Send her your music, writing, films, and tales of love, loss, and revenge: allikrupp7@gmail.com

Nine, a suburban Berliner, is the hidden heart of BLY and has known the city longer than most of us. She loves the rapid and multicultural development of the city, and exploring the more unknown Kieze, looking for new restaurants and crazy things to do, and following the Berlin Startup Scene. Her first Berlin moment was walking along Kurfürstendamm shortly after the wall fell, looking at the famous "Schaukästen".

Philip came to Berlin in January 2007. By May he'd started feeling that Berlin loved him. That's when he started BERLIN LOVES YOU to spread the Berlin love. Together with many friends, supporters, creatives, entrepreneurs and Berlin lovers, BERLIN LOVES YOU evolved into what it is today. Philip's first Berlin moment was at Rosenthaler Platz, back in the days when there was a Döner place playing Johnny Cash 24/7. To him, Rosenthaler Platz is the most vibrant place in Berlin uniting all Berlin has to offer! pe@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud

Music is the heartbeat of any creative place, pulsing the blood of its people. With a BA in English from Motown Detroit’s Wayne State University, John’s first love is music, but also writes about observations and connections between the two cities. First Berlin Loves You moment was at sunrise one summer morning, right off the bus from Tegel, seeing Berlin blanketed in golden light. Followed directly by techno beats echoing in the distance at Warschauer Strasse, as people from the night before staggered around in search for the next stop.

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