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A Thai-French writer and cultural project manager, Estelle is interested in the discreetly poetic, the blending of cultural influences, and places as entities shaped by stories and occurrences. Hidden in Tempelhof’s dry grasses in the summer, hibernating in extreme cosiness in winter, she writes about art, movies, cultural things, places and anything that leaves a certain imprint on her.

Jonathan writes about anything under the sun, but primarily focuses on performance, events, and other cultural events. Because his hair is thinning too much, and his body isn't quite thin enough, he's reduced to talk about these events in a prosaic un-non-binary way.

Monika Kanokova is a community strategist and an outreach consultant to Kickstarter, working with global clients to help them build local communities. In 2015, she published "This Year Will Be Different: an insightful guide to becoming a freelancer." Last year, she published "My Creative (Side) Business: The insightful guide to turning your side projects into a full-time creative business." Connect with her on Instagram or Twitter.

Victoria Linchong is a NYC native who writes about theater, film, underground communities, ethnic groups, untold history, and amazing personalities. She has penned biographies of radical Latino writers, written about the beginning of Off-Off Broadway, and blogged her sex life for New York Magazine. She's also a director, producer, and performer in theater and film. But in Berlin, you can mostly find her taking off her clothes as the campy burlesque artiste Viva Lamore. vl@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud

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