Lily Burger: there’s quality behind the novelty

By Andrew Cottrill . December 11, 2014

‘If it moves, fry it. Even if it doesn’t move, fry it anyway.’–Lily Burger

Lily Burger

For fans of the TV show Man v. Food, its influence on Kreuzberg’s Lily Burger’s gut-busting menu is clear. For those not in the know, the show followed lovable lard-arse Adam Richmond as he travelled America eating the biggest, spiciest, most insane eating challenges the US has to offer. Lily Burger’s certainly a child of the Man v. Food generation, and its contribution to the Berlin burger scene: the world’s tallest burger.

King Kong Burger

Sure it’s a gimmick. It’s just a bunch of normal burgers piled on top of each other. But it’s a bit of fun. And Lily Burger is about having fun. The menu is something to behold. We’ve never seen such a big burger menu. It seems to compete with itself to create the biggest and most ridiculous burgers… each burger seems to be the same as the previous one but with one more ingredient added. And chocolate sauce. And a fried egg.


The burgers are built high, covered in sauce and fall apart in your hand and into your lap. The only thing taller than the burgers is the mountain of napkins you’ll need to clean yourself up afterwards.
The burgers are served with ultra thin, ultra crispy fries which almost taste like you’re eating potato chips… they’re salty and great although, after the burger, you may not be able to finish them all.

If, after your burger, you’re still hungry, Lily Burger’s dessert menu boasts deep-fried versions of all your favourite chocolate bars. This isn’t a place you should visit if your family has any history of heart problems.


With its upbeat atmosphere, fun staff and crazy burgers, Lily Burger reminds you of going to kids’ birthday parties when you were young. But behind all the novelty, does Lily Burger make a decent burger?

Lily Burger Berlin

Lily Burger uses only 100% bio Black Angus beef in their patties. And, cooked medium rare, they taste like quality steak meat. Sure we tried one of their crazy burgers but also (following our rules…) we tried just their normal cheeseburger. And do you know what? It’s pretty great. Meaty, juicy, pink on the inside, and totally delicious.


Someone (probably someone fat) once said “Quantity has a quality of its own”, and that sums up Lily Burger nicely.

BLY’s top tips for eating at Lily Burger

  • They don’t have a booze licence but you can take your own beer.
  • There’s no toilet so watch your beer consumption… or face a dark alleyway with sticky fingers.
  • If you just want a good burger, go for one of the more normal ones on the menu. In our experience the more toppings, the less enjoyment.

The verdict

Andy says: “It’s novelty and a little try-hard but, if you go back to basics, they make a damn good burger”

Phil says: “I’d like to fall into Lily Burger at 5am for a meat fix before passing out. It’s fun but the burgers are too much and get overwhelmed by the toppings. Stick with the classics unless you’re into that.”

Berlin Loves You Rating: 7/10

This review is part of our series on Berlin’s best burger joints. Read our opinion on what makes a good burger.

Lily Burger
Urbanstraße 70,
10967 Berlin,

*New location*


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