With Koka, You’re Already On The Guest List

By Andrew Cottrill . May 12, 2016

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We all have that one friend that we rely on to take us to the best parties, to get our names on the guest lists, to be our ticket into the Berlin scenes. Now we’ve another new such friend, and it’s called Koka.

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Koka’s a group of Berliner friends who wanted to end the question “What should we do tonight?” for good.

A non-profit service, you just drop them a message on WhatsApp telling them what kind of bars/clubs/music you’re into and in which area and they’ll get back to you in minutes with a complete itinerary of where you should go that night. And the best bit? They can even get you guest list.

So… What’s the catch? I asked the guy behind it.

“We don’t earn money with Koka as we didn’t started it with the goal of launching a business in mind. I launched Koka to solve a problem I myself was having. My friends and I were always asking (pestering…) friends to get us on guest lists or to give us suggestions on what to do on a night out. In the end I thought, ‘let’s get the answers ourselves and help other people asking the same question’.

The Koka team are local experts (mainly natives) and we answer people’s questions in our freetime and/or during worktime. Working on Koka is fun for us, as we love to talk with new people every day (especially about nightlife).”

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In a city where so many guest list spots go to waste, many great events are under-promoted and under-filled, and one whose party scene can feel distant and impenetrable to the uninitiated, and one where it’s very easy to find yourself constantly going to the same, usual haunts… having your own personal nightlife guide like Koka could completely change the trajectory of your Berlin nights out.

How exactly does Koka work?

“It’s simple. You send Koka a message on WhatsApp and we’ll ask you a few questions about what you’re looking for in a night out. We’ll do the hard work for you and respond telling you where we think you should go. We can even offer guest list spots to our users, depending on where they want to go. Our guest list changes almost every week and can offer spots in many techno clubs as well as mainstream clubs and others.”

Berlin Loves You Koka 1

But while Koka might be your new Berlin nightlife angels, they can’t work miracles. I asked them on the topic of the dreaded Berlin door policy:

“We can’t have any influence on the venue’s door policy. You might be on the guest list, but the decision to let you in still belongs to the club. We can’t guarantee entry, as it depends on many variables like behaviour, clothing and condition of the guests when they visit the club.”

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To try Koka out, visit their website here.

Their website is currently only offered in German but they’re currently working on the English version. Still, they’re a multi-lingual bunch so next time you’re planning a night out, drop your new best friends a WhatsApp message.


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