Kantine9 – Flying the flag for ethical eats

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . November 5, 2013


Berlin has begun to shake off its reputation for cheap but not-so-great cuisine in the past couple of years through the emergence of markets and restaurants dedicated to using and promoting local produce and businesses. The German zealousness for environmental sustainability has been embraced by all areas of food production and creation, even reaching the humble domain of the business lunch. Kantine9 is one of the prime examples of this emergence of consumer consciousness, as well as being one of the best places to grab lunch in Kreuzberg. Locally sourced bio herbs and vegetables coupled with ethically sourced meat and fish are the ingredients that form the cornerstones of this humble stall located in the middle of Markt Halle Neun. Kantine9’s menu changes daily but what remains consistent is their dedication to quality recipes made with passion and ethical grounding. Rotating soup and salad options compliment a small yet diverse range of mains which are usually priced between 6 – 8 euros. You’ll discover that each continental favourite of the main menu has an unique interpretation from the Kantine9 kitchen that holds appeal for both the adventurous and more conservative palette. Menu items are based on seasonal ingredients that provide options for all diet types (and most food allergies).

Kantine9’s commitment to quality ingredients and the ‘slow food’ ethos is , but what was most exceptional was that the dishes remain affordable and served within reasonable waiting times. It still is a good idea to come outside of business lunch hours, as the establishment’s reputation has grown significantly and for good reason.

You can receive daily impressions straight from the kitchen through the Kantine9 Facebook group and check out what’s on offer daily through the website. Keep an eye out for the vegetarian lasagna, which comes highly recommended!

Markt Halle IX
Eisenbahnstr. 42/43
Open Mon – Thurs 12 – 16 Uhr, Fri – Sat 12 – 18 Uhr
Catering available
All photos courtesy of the Kantine9 website

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