!K7 presents the return of X-MIX at Stattbad tonight

By Catherine J. Fehre . October 25, 2013


Friday October 25th, X-MIX, one of the most important names in 90s techno history, is coming back. The audio-visual mix series, presented by !K7, is revamping itself at Stattbad with a creative take on their original series. The videos and vibe have been transformed into what warehouse parties are like today, while keeping the essence of the 90s.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and Germany reunified, a vivacious club scene emerged as the East and West met again and shared in techno experiences. It still continues to grow today as one of the best in the world.


Horst Weidenmüller, the founder of !K7 and curator of X-MIX, saw an opportunity during this time to combine techno’s art form with his passion for independent culture, so he created visuals to go with the music. The X-MIX videos became extremely popular and accessible with about ten installments. However, techno music is still going strong and X-MIX is making a return to the warehouse parties in order to offer up more of the creativity.

There will be two events at Stattbad, the former public pool turned art space, in order to feature the return of X-MIX. The first, happening tonight, features John Acquaviva, Derek Plaslaiko, Hrdvision, and Marius Reisser with a video installation by Pussykrew. The second event, on November 22nd, features Dave Clarke, Objekt, a surprise guest from Ostgut Ton, and Marius Reisser, again with a video installation by Pussykrew.

The videos encompass 20 years of video technology, innovation, and heritage, combining the old and the new for a unique audio-visual experience.

X-MIX by !K7
Gerichtstr. 65 13347
Friday, October 25
Info on tickets here


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