Sandra Juto’s Corner of Berlin: Freischwimmer

By Andrew Cottrill . April 28, 2019

Introducing Swedish artist Sandra Juto and her Corner of Berlin: Freischwimmer. For her, it’s like “stepping into another world.”

We’ve been asking our Berlin friends to take us on a tour of their favourite corners of the city. Sandra Juto – someone who’s been living the epitome of the creative Berlin lifestyle for more than 8 years now- has volunteered to be our first test subject.


Sandra’s blog and Instagram account showcase her work as a photographer whilst giving a stylised-yet-intimate look into her daily life as she passes her artistic gaze across Berlin’s cultural landscape. She’s also the inventor of the Wrist Worm hand warmer and runs a hand-made crochet fashion label from her apartment in Fhain.

We met in a bar. Soma, I think (RIP Soma).

Sandra’s Corner: Freischwimmer

Hey there, thanks for having me. This winter has been the easiest for me to survive in Berlin so far, just accepted and embraced it, stayed home a lot and read books. Started blogging more and working on some new projects for the blog and my Instagram account, both personal and collaborations.

Currently, I’m looking for fun collaborations with forward-thinking and creative people and brands.

Sandra Juto Corner of Berlin Freischwimmen 5

Picking one corner is difficult, but lately, Freischwimmer has been a place I go to for a relaxing coffee moment, either on my own or with a friend.

It’s a restaurant at the Landwehrkanal on the border between Kreuzberg and Alt-Treptow; a wonderful area with beautiful architecture, a great flea market, nature and walking distance from my home in Friedrichshain.

Sandra Juto Corner of Berlin Freischwimmen 2

Freischwimmer is situated on a canal-side dock, so you kind of sit on the water. I go there in the middle of the day, past lunch hour when it’s not too busy. Off tourist season is my favourite time to go.

There is a slow pace, some people working and groups chatting about their Berlin discoveries so far. I wish Freischwimmer was open early in the morning – imagine hanging out having coffee and starting the day over there.

Sandra Juto Corner of Berlin Freischwimmen 3

A few years ago I was walking around in the area and had a call of nature, so when I saw the sign ‘Freischwimmer’ and a tiny hut-looking thing with a door, I went there to ask if I could use the toilet. It felt like I stepped into another world, kind of the wardrobe in Narnia.

Sandra Juto Corner of Berlin Freischwimmen 1

There is food, there is coffee and you sit on the water. It means you can stay there from opening until closing if that’s what you feel like.

Sandra Juto Corner of Berlin Freischwimmen 4

The area around this place has a bit of everything and there’s always something going on.

One early morning, I passed by and there was this 75 years old couple sitting in a car outside listening to Metallica, drinking vodka, having the time of their lives. I love that you see all kinds of people there.

Thanks a lot Sandra!

Find out more about Sandra Juto:
Blog: www.sandrajuto.co
Instagram: instagram.com/sandrajuto
Shop: sandrajuto.bigcartel.com

Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2,
10997 Berlin


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