From Italy with Love – Barettino Coffee and Pistols

By Sarah Luisa Santos . October 27, 2014

Barettino Cafe

As I have been writing about the cafes and stores in Neukölln, more and more I realize that this Kiez is probably one of the most multi-kulti places in Berlin.

A good example of what I am talking about is Barettino Café.

Owned by Italian native Maria Olivieri and German born Djamila Imberi, this duo spent many years in the gastronomic world until they finally decided to open their own bar – after all Barettino means “small bar” in Italian.

Barettino window

Prepare yourself to taste one of the finest paninis in Berlin, and to drink genuine Italian coffee after indulging into some serious sugar rush action with their homemade chocolate cake.

With fresh and organic ingredients, Barettino also offers that traditional German Frühstuck next to other several breakfast choices, including delicious Italian Parma Ham and freshly baked Focaccia (made in their original Italian stone oven).

Barettino Decor

Djamila told us that they also have on site some crazy/trashy Karaoke nights, in addition to concerts and even reading and singing performances, as she herself is a performance artist and brings this artsy atmosphere to the Barettino.

Barettino Café
Reuterstrasse, 59, 12047, Berlin


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