Burned Out in Berlin? SOULMATES for Hire

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . February 8, 2016

Have the Berlin-blues finally gotten to you? Do you struggle with that lost feeling when the club-bubble pops at six in the morning, when you scoop the leftover pieces of yourself under your (or someone else’s) blanket? Are you caught in this search for escapism, unable to care or seize opportunities?

For those of you already spinning in these vicious cycles all over the city, there may be immediate guidance—without having to wait for an appointment so far in the future that your grandchildren could attend.


Certified social counselor and art-therapist Tina Steckling offers SOULMATES, a special service for people unable to cope with the overwhelming stress, depression and other problems in their lives they’re struggling to solve on their own.

Tina Steckling
Tina Steckling

Whilst working as a psychologist and social worker, Steckling discovered that many existing social aid frameworks have strict rules, offering assistance only to patients with dire and immediate problems, when they’re already at their worst. With her project SOULMATES, Tina Steckling tries to intervene before this low point is reached, with direct and uncomplicated emotional and psychological help. Her goal is to give people the help they need immediately, and not months later—when the appointment schedule of the Doc allows it.

Sometimes, there’s no need for a long therapeutic process. You’ve lost track; you’ve partied too much; you’re unhappy at work. SOULMATES gives you this re-orientation, offering professional advice and pointing you back in the right direction. The service is spontaneous and flexible, over the phone, online, or face-to-face. And the location is flexible, as well. Depending on your needs, you can visit them in their Neukölln office, at home, in the café around the corner, wherever. Just like your normal Doc, they uphold strict medical confidentiality.

The SOULMATES counseling room in Neukölln
The SOULMATES counseling room in Neukölln

This is a service for the struggling minds in the city: from the overworked student to people with manifesting drug-psychosis to lonely hearts unable to handle human relationships. But, as most things in life, this one has a price. After an initial free 30-minute consultation, SOULMATES offers a 60-minute face-to-face appointment for 75€ or various other packages for lengthier treatment (see chart). SOULMATES does not accept insurance payments; rather, they hope to benefit those people who need to keep the therapeutic visit off their record. An obvious downside to this is that the service might become inaccessible for poor students or people with actual drug or money problems, who simply don’t have that kind of spare money and are thereby forced to rely on the conventional bureaucratic system.

The SOULMATES concept offers a most desirable social assistance that stays uncomplicated and accessible, when this city’s tantalising escapism yanks you too far from sanity. If you’ve problems you can’t handle alone, and are lucky enough to have the money for the service, SOULMATES could help relieve you of both.

Pflügerstr. 18
12047 Berlin


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  1. important Q unanswered: the article is in English but does not mention if this service is offered in English….

  2. Hey! They’re still working on their English service but currently it’s offered in German and Dutch.

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