Partying for Charity this Saturday: Lilipad’s Summer Fest

By Sarah Luisa Santos . August 23, 2018

Lilipad’s Charity Summer Fest is happening this Saturday. Have fun whilst doing a world of good.

Summer has been really hard on us. With 38-degree heat and no air-conditioning, things can get pretty unbearable (even for me… a Brazilian). But hey, I can’t complain. Some people have it worse. And next thing we know, it’s winter again. So, let’s enjoy the rest of summer with another festival. One that helps kids in less fortunate situations learn to read.

Lilipad Charity Summer Fest 4

We wrote about Lilipad a while ago, when Sara, the creator and organizer of the project, set up some pretty cool libraries for kids in Morocco and Uganda.

Lilipad Charity Summer Fest 1

A quick reminder about the Lilipad Project in numbers:

  • 1000+ kids helped in Uganda and Morocco this year and over 50 pre-schools in Uganda benefited.
  • Uganda: 900+ text books, 200+ books for libraries
  • Morocco: ~500 text books, 400+ books for libraries

Who made all of this happen? You did. By donating and spreading the word.

Lilipad Charity Summer Fest 2

So, let’s get more kids reading by attending Lilipad’s Summer Fest! I had a quick chat with Sara to learn more about the event:

What’s happening at the Summer Fest? 

Bringing people together to eat, drink, dance, enjoy arts and crafts and meet new people is hardly a revolutionary idea. But, to do all this while knowing all proceeds are going to a good cause contributes to that special vibe of the festival. There is a strong feeling of community and joint participation, so come!

We will have a vegetarian buffet with different homemade treats, both savoury and sweet AND some good music as well!

The line-up:

3PM – 4PM : Ben from Man & Wife
4PM – 5PM : Kim Anker
5PM – 6PM : Paul from Man & Wife
6PM – 7PM : Dhia
7PM – 8:30PM : WAH CHINA
8:30PM – 10PM : Boris

We’ll also have a tattoo parlour offering mini tattoos (by Clara). We’ll most likely start taking requests soon.

And, one of our favourite activities this year will be a Silent Auction, where people can bid on different items and the highest bid wins.

The selection includes (all delivered by professionals):

  • A reiki healing session
  • A 90-min Swedish massage at your own home
  • A 2-hour private photography workshop
  • A handmade/Berlin-designed kimono
  • Art donated by Dencker & Schneider Gallery

Drinks will be provided by BRLO craft beer, a brand that has supported our event for the 2nd year in a row. We’ll also be providing homemade lemonade, Moscow Mules, wine, prosecco, etc.

On top of that, we will also have some free clothes displayed, so take your pick!

All of this is to help achieve two missions:

1st Mission:

In Berlin Köpenick, in collaboration with the Stephanus-Stiftung charity, we are planning to provide their Köpenick venue a library for refugee children (books will mostly be bilingual, in languages like Arabic, German, Farsi, English, etc.).

We are also planning to organize a “book party” on September 8th with reading workshops, fun activities, games, etc. for refugee kids in the area. If it goes well, we will be organising this on a monthly basis (hopefully until the end of the year). This is a first step towards establishing a presence for Lilipad locally in Berlin.

Lilipad Charity Summer Fest 6

2nd Mission:

We will help an orphanage in Casablanca. It’s for girls only, between the ages of 3-18 (~ 90 girls) and we want to open a library there and help with at least school supplies and maybe more. Estimated time: October 2018.

Lilipad Charity Summer Fest 5

For those feeling generous and looking for a fun afternoon, Lilipad’s Summer Fest will happen on the 25th of August, starting at 3pm at Kulturlabor Trial&Error.

Visit their Facebook event to find out more.

Kulturlabor Trial&Error
Braunschweiger Str. 80
12055 Berlin


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