The House of Red Doors #5: S I N

By Andrew Cottrill . September 27, 2016

It’s that time of the month again… Changes in appetite, lack of sleep, swollen, tender breasts and pubic discharge. That’s right, it’s time for The House of Red Doors #5: S I N.


Those famous doors open again this Thursday 29th September at Salon – Zur wilden Renate. Get your tickets here.

Now, The House of Red Doors has become somewhat of a Berlin institution and promises to stick around a long while longer, giving us all the chance to be exactly who we want to be for one night every two months, whilst wearing a wet-suit with the arse cut out. But who’s behind The Doors? Who’re the puppet masters of our pheromone-addled desires?

That, of course, is Bad Bruises. Alex J. Eccleston & Billie Rae Bigsby. We spoke to the guys about past HORDS (let’s see if that term sticks) and this Thursday’s upcoming one, whose theme is sin. As usual, the pair have kept tight-lipped and bushy-tailed.


How has HORD changed since the first?

The initial House of Red Doors concept was based on our love for our artists, theatre, music, art and exploring sexuality in a new, immersive way – In a space that we could recreate and transform with each new theme and direction. This is still our passion, but now we have also fallen in love with our audience and the crowd. Each event brings both new and old faces and we are really proud of the vibe and atmosphere that we are all creating. This is very much a collective party of many amazing humans all coming together to have a crazy amount of fun.

What influences did you take in creating the concept?

We have been inspired by years of working with various artists and performers, our own shows we have directed and also the places we’ve seen. We also take inspiration from film, art and the hedonistic lifestyles of scenes such as Studio 54, Weimar Berlin and Paris at the turn of the last century. We love to make our own fantasies reality and love to jump down the rabbit hole to see where we end up.

Which event has been your favourite so far?

We both really loved the last one, but it’s hard to say! Each one is developing and growing organically and we can honestly say every single one has been a favourite in some respects.


What’s been the craziest thing you’ve seen?

Ha! You possibly don’t want to know and some things should be kept secret! We recommend to come and experience first hand…

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met at a HORD?

Each party brings in such a diverse array of all the quirks of humanity, which is what we love about our crowd. Nobody is judging anyone and everyone is allowed to be whoever they want. We’re all a bunch of weirdos and freak enjoying together… which is perfect.

Who choreographs the big shows? Where do the ideas come from?

The actual choreography itself is done by Bad Bruise Billie Rae, but in concept it is very much a combined effort. The ideas come from our themes and we try to explore them in a way that we hope our audience will enjoy as well as our performers. A lot of our performers we have worked with all over the world creating weird shows and one off pieces, so combining all of our experiences we create the big openers. The House of Red Doors is very much about creating and making something that we are all proud of and that we all enjoy.


If you could get anyone to perform at HORD, who would it be?

Next year we have a few big plans for some very exciting events and artists who will hopefully be joining the Bad Bruises family… but’s that all we can say for now.

What’s the last scene of a HORD like at the end of a night when the lights come up?

It’s always a motley gang of sexy, sweaty, smiling sinners – Definitely a sight to behold!

What’s this Red Light District and why does it open later?

The Red Light District will be the last and naughtiest area to open. We have created it for those who wish to indulge in the infamous sin of Lust amongst all the others, we have the Satan’s stage in there where there will be the most extreme and strange performances amongst a few hidden surprises…

Got any hints on what we can expect for Thursday’s event?

We never know ourselves what’s coming next, we just suggest you hold onto your hats and let yourself go. Just remember to repent your sins in the morning…

The House of the Red Doors #5: S I N. Thursday 29th September at Salon – Zur wilden Renate.

DJ Line Up:
Kate Miller
Casal Belalugosi
Laura de Vasconcelos
The Vandelays

Bishop Black
Linked (Shibari)
Julietta la Doll
Evilyn Frantic
Valentina DeMonia
Viva Lamore
Luna and Kim Tantric
Frank Le
plus many more from the HORD family…

The House of Red Doors [UNCENSORED, NSFW!] from Bad Bruises on Vimeo.

Rooms ✞
The Chapel – Repent your sins
TV Parlour – An unholy alliance of Vanity, Envy and Gluttony
The Bordello of Lust – A cosy, lazy hideaway for the Slothful

The Red Light District will open from 2.30am
The Lust Room – A dedicated room for your carnal urges
Satan’s Stage – Watch performances from the most sinful creatures HORD can offer…

Plus more unexpected stages and areas to discover…

11pm – Doors open and the residents of the house will be there to greet you and play.
1am – Our unmissable opening performance

…as usual more rooms will open up as the night unfolds… Look out for secret shows and suprises.

Get your tickets now from Resident Advisor.
Visit The House of Red Doors’ Facebook Event.


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