Hop on the Startup Safary Berlin

By Clio Saal . September 1, 2014

Berlin probably climbed the zenith of hipness when it started being referred to as the city of Startups. Every month, it seems, new ideas are growing into small or bigger projects, fuelled by crowdfunding initiatives and tons of entrepreneurial spirit – this is my perception at least, being a complete alien to the Startup world.
For aliens like me and everybody in the family: Job seekers, aspiring founders, students, journalists and investors, Startup Safary Berlin is presenting a glimpse behind the scenes, taking place on September 4th and 5th.


It is a sort of “day of open doors of startups” that gives participants the chance to network with teams and founders, to learn about concepts and strategies and, of course, to get some first-hand personal advice. There will also be workshops, office tours and Q and A sessions held by companies as Google, Twilio, Stripe, Kayak, Audibene, Smava, One Football, Phonedeck, Eventbrite and Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.


Is your special interest “design”? Or “social responsibility”? Go on one of the special interest tours that take you only to companies that relate to your topic of choice. Or create your own tour online! And for music enthusiasts and music startups, Startup Safary has a very special treat: As Berlin Music Week is taking place simultaneously, there will be many related events and Safary – attendees will have the chance to book events within its “Startup Track”.


Last but not least, the Safary is free of charge. This fact might attract some participants outside the startup scene and will hopefully provide a wild mixture of people.
I will be there!

Get more info at: www.startupsafary.com


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