Granit: Helping Berlin Grow Up One WG at a Time

By Andrew Cottrill . September 11, 2017

Are you reaching that point where you realise that Berlin is now your home?

We’re all growing up, and as I pass my fifth year in Berlin, something’s becoming strangely obvious to me: that Berlin is now my home. It’s not a temporary doss or wild two years in between ‘life’.

This realisation has ramifications: namely, that I’m no longer happy with a cracked, second hand Ikea bed. The overtly sexual night club posters on the wall and the forgotten stickers on my fridge – those that previously adorned the surfaces of my apartment as a badge of honor or statement of intent – now cause me intense embarrassment. “Zu Verschenken” no longer makes me feel Christmassy.

Granit Berlin Loves You Furniture DJ Booth
My neighbours have the same idea. I remember the house parties with this makeshift DJ booth. Now it belongs to the street.

It’s time to mature. Not strap-a-baby-to-my-chest-I’ve-gotta-be-in-bed-by-nine mature, but grow. My surroundings need to reflect my new-found stature. I need to throw out my graffitied europallet DIY coffee table.

Granit Berlin Loves You hanging plant

Granit in Rosenthaler Strasse (now also in Tauentzienstrasse) is helping me with this transition. Their minimalist, Swedish design allows you to channel your inner Berlin. Grey, industrial granite accented with life, colour and purpose, like admiring a Kreuzberg graffiti mural whilst licking a green, organic matcha ice cream.

Granit Berlin Loves You Furniture

Granit Berlin Loves You Decoration

Granit is a furniture, home decoration and accessories store that offers minimalist design, clever storage solutions and creative hints and advice on how to redecorate your home (rife with Scandinavian sensibilities, of course). I could call it a lifestyle store, but then I’d have to shoot myself in the head. The best thing is that it’s not overpriced, and just a few items can radically change and remodel your living spaces. We’ve recently spoken to one of their designers if you wanted a better idea on their ethos.

Clean lines, clean style, just enough character to convince guests I’m not a psychopath.

Granit Berlin Loves You Furniture

Granit Berlin Loves You Granite vase

Granit is grown up, not overgrown.

Its design is sparse and unobtrusive – but works as the perfect canvas for your own creativity.

Granit Berlin Loves You Furniture

Free for personal expression without the hint of mid-life crisis.

Granit Berlin Loves You Furniture ice cubes
Granite ice cubes… unlike the polar ice-caps, these puppies don’t melt.

So, has remodelling my home brought me inner peace, happiness and an acceptance of the passing of time? Well, it makes people think it has – and that’s all that matters really.

Granit Berlin Loves You

Granit just opened their second store at Tauentzienstraße 1 in West Berlin to compliment their beautiful Berlin flagship store at Rosenthaler Strasse 13.

Find out more about Granit.

To get an idea about Granit’s style, check out their website here.
Or check out their Instagram account for hints on how to redesign your abode.

Granit has two locations in Berlin:
Rosenthaler Strasse 13, 101 19 Berlin

Tauentzienstraße 1, 10789 Berlin

Article written in cooperation with Granit.


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