Got to Dance with Monster Cable and Kimberly Wyatt

By Sarah Luisa Santos . September 11, 2014

Kimberly Wyatt Monster Cable

Last Thursday, during IFA (and all that buzz), was the celebration of the 35th anniversary of famous electronic brand Monster Cable. I was not so aware of how big the brand was or how it actually made music much easier for musicians and music lovers.

Here is a small intro of what Monster Cable is all about: they simply revolutionised the way music is heard. Founder Noel Lee, a laser-fusion design engineer and professional drummer, discovered that wires of different constructions produced varying degrees of audio when hooked up to loudspeakers. From this discovery, Lee developed a high-performance speaker cable and now what we know as Monster Cable Products Inc.

As for the 35th anniversary party, some of the ambassadors of the brand came to Berlin to celebrate with “Head Monster Lee”, including Baptiste Giabiconi (yes, the Karl Lagerfeld model, but also a musician with a burgeoning career) and Kimberly Wyatt, ex-Pussycat Doll and one of the feminine voices behind one of the lines of Monster Cable, the iSport headphones.

I had a quick chat with Kimberly at the Interconti Hotel before the party, where she told us about her relationship with Monster Cable, which for me was not so obvious at first.

kimberly wyatt

As I came to learn, Kimberly Wyatt is actually a choreographer and professional dancer, besides being a DJ and one of the jurors for the show Got to Dance. As she explained, her relationship with the brand began even before she was famous, with her father and brother always telling her that if she wanted the whole experience of hearing music, she had to get Monster Cables.

Over the years she got even more familiar with what Monster Cable have to offer, and I was surprised with what the brand has actually made for women.

She is the ambassador for iSport headphones, which gives its users lots of freedom when doing sports, or simply being on the go. Also, this line has some cordless headphones and, as Kimberly said herself, fits all her daily needs, from keeping her fitness motivation going (which seems to work pretty well, as she is super fit whilst  being 6 months pregnant – see the pic!) to doing her dance choreographies and working on the TV show.

I asked her what she thought about Berlin. “I think over the past 10 years the city sort of expanded, and it’s more lively. And, from maybe not being on the top of my list, now it is quite up there, definitely”. The ex-Pussycat Doll was very happy to admit.

Besides the Monster Cables, Kimberly Wyatt is also a business woman. She created a beauty line called Beautiful Movements Cosmetics that is all natural and, of course, made to last through the most arduous night of dancing. She is also releasing her own fragrance, Kaydance, in the next of couple of weeks, a project that she has been working on for the past two and half years.

And how is it to be jury of Got to Dance? “Great! We just finished the 5th series. It is great to see every year phenomenal talents coming through, and you just feel lucky to be able to sit there and feel inspired by so many. I heard Got to Dance in Germany is also very popular, and it is good to know the brand is expanding and giving dancers opportunities everywhere to show their work and what they can do”.
monster cable headphone

So, lessons of the day: watch Got to Dance Germany (well, maybe to improve my German skills, why not!) and get yourselves a pair of stylish Monster Cable headphones – because they have some pretty good looking ones.


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