Finnish Curation in Neukölln – Oh Mini I am

By Sarah Luisa Santos . October 7, 2014

shop oh mini i am

Oh Mini I Am is a hidden gem to pay special attention to. With two rooms inside Let Them Eat Cake, Oh Mini I Am was created by Finnish designer Netta Mattila with a brand new concept of “a-shop-within-a-shop”.

Slightly different from other second hand shops around, which mainly focus on quality pieces and not so much on current trends, Oh Mini I Am is not only concerned about the condition of the clothes but also if they fit in with contemporary fashion. This means people can find an alternative to big, mass production chains, that we all know pretty well do not always work ethnically or sustainably, while finding unique pieces which are on-trend.

The shop has pieces from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s – this last decade particularly interests Netta, for she has a special love for bomber jackets and backpacks. Also, the menswear is not something to pass by, as their range of printed shirts are particularly fashionable and trendy right now.

What would be the style of Oh Mini I Am then?

“I don’t pick things I don’t like myself. I do follow trends, and I could say that my stock has a curated line based on the actual trends. I like the idea of offering my customers an alternative to buy affordable, trendy clothes, instead of supporting cheap chains that sell unethically produced pieces. I would rather say that the style of my shop is ‘contemporary’. It is for both everyday and more special occasions.”

shop oh mini i am BERLIN

This very personal way of curating is also a product of Netta’s background in fashion. Though she graduated in Graphic Design, Netta always had very good shopping skills, especially because during her studies she worked as a part time sales assistant and as a visual merchandiser. With a keen eye for finding good pieces, Netta started to buy loads of cool vintage items, but not always wear them herself.

Therefore, the idea of having her own space to sell her findings is something that came naturally. She initially began her business with an online shop, and right now she has dedicated herself fully to the physical shop at the Let Them Eat Cake. What started as a small pop-up corner last Christmas (Let Them Eat Cake was looking for more vendors at the end of 2013) came to be a working partnership between the two stores – which share the same concept of selling high quality vintage clothing.


And, as I always ask, what does Netta think about this growing trend of second hand shopping in Berlin?

“I think people in Berlin are very open to second hand and vintage, much more than in Finland! You can also see it on the streets that people have more individual styles and they definitely wear more second hand clothes. I have regular customers and I always get very good feedback about my stock.

I think people in Berlin are braver when it comes to wearing extraordinary and individual pieces, it feels very refreshing and motivating for me!”

second hand berlin

Oh Mini I Am
Weserstraße 164, Neukölln
12045 Berlin


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