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The Berlin street food culture is on-point, a continued relief for the Hangry Man; the Hungover Clubber; the Thrifty-and-Trendy Hipster—all of us, united in hunger. We flock to these food trucks when we spot them, nostrils flared, ready for whatever-the-truck’s-got-cooking—and standing there on the street corner, we discover some of the most tantalizing and unique flavors Berlin has to offer.

And now, to meet our cravings, we learn: there’s a Berlin-based app for this revolution—one called “Find Your Food Truck” by Freshdaily, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android and offered in German and English.

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Find Your Food Truck is the best guide to Berlin Food Trucks and Food Stalls (currently with 50 food truck listings, growing more and more every day), allowing you to find food truck locations, opening dates and times, when the next hot Food Truck Festivals will occur, and so much more. The app has a search functionality, which means you can find that once-lost taco truck you stumbled upon (as if in a dream) during a blurry Saturday and re-create Mexican food magic; you can whisk across the city to discover brand-new ice cream goodness (yes, even in the dead of winter, whatever), because the app doesn’t keep anything from your in-danger-of-hanger self (it knows better).

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Best of all, each listed food truck comes with photographs of the day’s menu so you know what they’re cookin’ up; you can make lists of your favorite food trucks so you can track them down later; you can upload your own glittering photographs of your culinary experiences; and you can share the Find Your Food Truck content with Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS—assuredly, for your personal bragging rights. Everyone deserves a few jealous friends, right?

Check out more information about the app at the Find Your Food Truck website, head over to “LIKE” this sucker on the Find Your Food Truck Facebook, and, if you’re into it (how could you not be?), DOWNLOAD HERE for you iPhone and HERE for Android! Because your life and your endless search for perfect street food deserve it.


About Author

Allison Krupp is a novelist and screenwriter, currently scouring the city for earnest conversations with other Berlin weirdos, writing about music, film, art, literature, and food. [email protected]


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  3. I’d be interested to know why the app and website have gone out of business if Berlin’s food truck scene is so stupendous. You also might want to Google pretty much any small town in France where you’ll find online food truck maps and databases searchable by day of the week. Anyone who praises Berlin food turkcs and doesn’t know this is laughably provinicial and needs to STFU.

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