DRUCK BERLIN: An Interactive Silk Screen Print Festival at Urban Spree

By Allison Krupp . August 10, 2015

DRUCK BERLIN, a silk screen printing festival, led by Berlin-based silk screen company Mother Drucker (a name without apology) is back for its third edition—held at Urban Spree on August 15th and 16th.

The festival offers a comprehensive overview of all things silk-screened–an interactive, artistic space; a globally-revered gallery; a arena in which to commune and swap ideas–all led by artists who do this stuff all the time.

Throughout the weekend, revered and amateur Berlin-based artist attendees (us, on the amateur side) are in for a hands-on approach to the silk screen technique—led through live printing sessions and workshops (reserve your space ahead of time via email, find below). World-renowned printers will guide amateurs through the silk screen technique, whilst honing techniques of working artists.

Unlike previous DRUCK BERLIN events, held in shuttered Stattbad Wedding in both 2011 and 2013, this year’s festival features greater printing diversity, offering techniques like risograph, liocut, lithography, and etching.

Furthermore, silk screen printing artists with explosive street cred (the likes of Banksy, Oskar Rink, Joe Webb, Morgan Betz, and Bonnie & Clyde, to name a few) present a rare, can’t-miss silk screen collection, spanning the entirety of Urban Spree’s 400 sqm. gallery. The eclectic gallery is meant as the global backdrop for the action-packed and do-it-yourself festival.

DRUCK BERLIN’s premier project, Print Swap Meet, allows revered and working artists to collaborate in several workshops, trading their work and secrets; their skills and their ideas. In many ways, Print Swap Meet intensifies the Berlin artistic experience, allowing these artists to commune around a coffee table, each burning with creativity, speaking a silk screen printing language all their own.

And naturally, an event at Urban Spree wouldn’t be so without street food trucks and live music and flowing craft beer. Attendees will roll home, stocked with new prints, knowledge, and printing contacts–making this festival a one-of-a-kind artistic experience.

August 15-16, 12:00-20:00


Participation: 3€/day–5€/weekend


DRUCK BERLIN Contact Email: druckberlin@gmail.com



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