Dining experiences in Berlin – Blind Dinner at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

By Sarah Luisa Santos . August 25, 2015

blind dinner

I always find it interesting how, in Berlin, people experiment with everything. Literally EVERYTHING.

And, of course, why not to try something new when it comes to dining? We have so many blog posts about eating the best burger (thanks, Andrew!), the best Mexican style restaurant or even grilled cheese, so why not to have a full dining experience that’s about not only the food, but the whole act of eating itself?

That’s the concept Tainá Guedes, founder of Entretempo Kitchen Gallery and Berlin Food Art Week, created.

At her space, which is a mix between an art gallery and a kitchen, she offers diverse dining experiences with menus developed by herself personally and performances or acts by artists that often collaborates with Entretempo.

The next event happening on the 29th is called Blind Dinner, where the guests are blindfolded and get their senses treated to a 5-course menu, with the aim of exploring textures and tastes.

dinner entretempo

“The Blind Dinner is a sensorial experience which plays with our perception of eating. We start blind folding the guests. We bring them to the table after that so they don’t know where and with whom they are having dinner.” -Tainá Guedes.

Tainá, who also follows the Buddhist philosophy of Mottainai, which preaches zero waste and a sense of worth, created this menu thinking about deeper ways to connect everyone with this basic act of eating.

dinner berlin

“Not being able to see amplifies our other senses, and that’s an amazing experience.”

The menu is also kept hidden from the guests, and only revealed as they eat. This adds to the whole experience.

For those interested in having something different for that Saturday night meal, reservations are available by contacting reservations@entretempo-kitchen-gallery.com.

The price is €28 for 5-course menu, cooked by Tainá herself.

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Senefelderstr. 29, Berlin

Images: Iara Guedes


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