Refinery Coffee Brings Its Artisan Beans to Kreuzberg

By Martin Stokes . July 8, 2017

Understated might be a good word to describe Refinery Coffee.

Nestled just off the Spree on Albrechtstrasse, it’s easy to miss at first glance. Its interior is a classic example of minimalism – bare light bulbs descend from the ceiling illuminating a couple of wooden booths, a simple counter bedecked with numerous coffee-making contraptions, shelves supporting stacks of bean sacks. Unimposing, it invites you inside with the smell of dark roasts and the warm whirring of grinding machines. Understated? No, Refinery Coffee is just straight up cool.

Opened in 2015, Refinery Coffee has quickly risen in the ranks of Berlin artisan coffee houses to become a favourite of those who frequent the area surrounding Fredrichstrasse.

They offer a rotating selection of coffee beans sourced from sustainable and fair trade producers and roasted locally in Berlin. The staff who work there are knowledgeable and passionate, and the care they display when making a drink is evident in every cup. They also offer a number of food dishes – small lunches, sandwiches, cakes, that sort of thing. It’s specialised but approachable, artisan without being pretentious.

Refinery Coffee Kreuzberg cafe

I know most of you probably wouldn’t leave your Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain kiez for a coffee (unless you were evicted), which is why Refinery is coming to you. But instead of just another hole-in-the-wall hipster joint, they’re teaming up with coffee roasteries such as Tim Wendelboe, Caravan Coffee Roasters and April Coffee Copenhagen to launch a speciality coffee retail store in Kreuzberg, stocking a revolving selection of the hottest, freshest roasts.

This new Skalitzer Strasse store’s concept is all about bringing exceptional coffee into your home.

To find out more information, check out their Facebook page and opening event page.

Refinery High End Coffee Retail Store
Skalitzer Straße 104
10997 Berlin

Facebook Page
Refinery Retail Opening Party


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