“Der Himmel muss warten” Photo Exhibition in Kreuzberg

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . January 11, 2009


Yesterday  we went to the opening of “Heaven must wait”. The exhibition shows result of a documentary of Berlin performance art subculture. And subculture it was! The audience went from punks to young and old people. Dogs with jackets and I am not really sure if I saw a cat or not. Beer and red vine out of plastic cups was served. Smoking only outside. When an opening is good you can`t see it from the outside because the windows are clouded. Fridays and Saturdays are a heaven for art lovers in Berlin. Especially in Mitte around Aguststr. you can literally fall from one opening into  the other. This one was in Kreuzberg and very interesting because it had this nice but also bizarre performance included. 

Seeing all these characters inspired my friend Christoph to tell me about his plans to make a TV Series set in Berlin including many different characters whos lifes change in one drastic moment. More to come once he has the rights secured ;) 

Anyways, go and check these things out even if you think that it might not be your cup of tea – it might very well be your bottle of beer though! This is Berlin. 

der Himmel muss warten
Martinski Fine Arts
Gneisenaustr. 64
10961 Berlin
Tel. 030-69 53 48 36

Exhibition Time:  10.01.09 – 13.02.09 Wed. – Fr. 16 – 19 Uhr and after request.

The opening also included a little performance by Femme Facade & ReveRso. 




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  1. Hi dears,

    thank’s for comming to my vernissage “Heaven must wait” and thank’s a lot for publish this nice artikel on “BERLIN LOVES YOU”.

    If you need any help for your TV-Produktion, contakts etc…, feel free to get in touch.

    All the best

    Cityslang Photography
    Jürgen Gässler

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