Black Monk Berlin – Created by Berlin’s Finest Minds

By Philip Eggersgluess . May 7, 2016

Black Monk Beer Berlin Pale Ale

In the year of our Lord, 1250, a group of Dominican monks journeyed to Berlin to build a monastery in what we now call Klosterstraße in Mitte. These monks were called “The Black Monks of Berlin”.

These Black Monks went on to open a brewery. First only brewing for themselves, they later began to sell their beer in monastery bars to Berliners, and began our love of beer.

Black Monk Berlin bottled fresh

The 5th of December 2015 marked the 765th anniversary of the Black Monks’ arrival, and what better way to celebrate than to continue their work, brewing our own Berliner Black Monk Brew?

So that day we all met up to make this beer happen.

It’s been a long-time dream to create my own beer and today we are all drinking it.

Black Monk Berlin Label #1
Black Monk Berlin Label #1

Black Monk Berlin is a secret society of beer lovers who meet up once a year to decide what the next batch of Black Monk Brews will taste like. A small(ish) quantity of the beer will then be produced for us all to enjoy over the course of the following year.

The goal is to bring beer back to Berlin – and create an interesting, tasty, and absolute Berlin beer, using only the highest quality, locally-made ingredients.

Thank you to everyone involved and thank you Bierfabrik for brewing this excellent Black Monk Batch #1. For more to come!

– cervisiam bibat –
1250 – 2015 – 0512

Simply send us an Email if you have any questions regarding the beer!

Black Monk Berlin Bierfabrik


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