Berlin’s got talent!

By Sarah Luisa Santos . November 14, 2013

wool school berlin

Who doesn’t remember that very old wool sweater that one Christmas we got from our grandma? That’s the kind of image we all have about wool, right? Wrong.

Forget about those lumpy jumpers or handmade scarves, The Campaign for Wool is now bringing into fashion this natural fibre Wool with a completely different approach.

Next to worldwide actions in UK, Spain, Australia and Netherlands, the campaign has launched the Wool School Project in Germany with design contests and events taking place in three different cities.

Last week, 13 fashion students from HTW Berlin that have worked together with Andreas Murkudis for the Wool School Project Berlin showcased their woolen outfits under the theme “Caring and Sharing”.

The designs were judged by Melissa Drier (fashion journalist at WWD), Prof. Monika Oppel (HTW Berlin), Johann Mittermayr (The Woolmark Company), Melanie Müller (Flair) and of course, Andreas Murkudis himself.

Different styles and concepts were shown, from minimalism geometric look to more rough and raw pieces made out of wool.  Although different designs were made, all students showed with excellence their creativity and out of the box thinking when it comes to work with wool.

florian schulze design

Three outfits came to be the top 3 of the project, being the first place given to Berliner Florian Schulze, which won the prize of 1500 euros.

His outfit was chosen for its sophisticated design, elaborated shape and a bit of classic inspiration – very unusual for Berlin fashion, which is so young and urban.

florian schulze portrait

We talked a bit with the designer-to-be (surprisingly he is still at 4th semester at HTW) to know more about his inspiration, as he said himself has a bit of “classic drama”.

BLY: Congratulations! Tell us about what have inspired you for this challenge.

FS: I was inspired by a Strangle – a Fig tree and its shape. I didn’t make the classic knitting out of the wool; I opted to go for a pattern making, working on the weave of the fabric.

BLY: As a Berliner and fashion student, what do you think about Berlin fashion?

FS: I think Berlin has a mix of everything, which is why I love it. But I also think Berlin is too young compared to other fashion capitals, and I miss some classic designs, which is why I plan to follow this line of work, with perfect fittings and of course, a bit of  drama.

BLY: Do you plan to stay in Berlin after you graduate?

FS: I don’t know, everything is possible! But of course, as my home, I think I can take a lot from it.

We think that too Florian, Berlin has a lot to offer, specially when it comes to new talents.

For those who wants to know more about The Campaign for Wool, the action now goes to Asia.

We leave you here with the designs of the other students from the Wool School of Design Berlin.

Photos by Paul Aidan Perry


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