BFAW 2017 vs. Meat: or How We Can Eat and Live in a Better World

By Sarah Luisa Santos . July 4, 2017

Berlin Food Art Week is an art event which seeks to unite contemporary art and food and runs between July 7th-14th.

The aim of the week is to develop a community which brings positive change to the world, and this edition’s theme is ‘vs. Meat’ – a discussion about the consumerism, production and appropriation of meat nowadays.

Tainá Guedes, chef, vegan and student of Mottainai , the Japanese art of wastelessness, organises Berlin Food Art Week. She’ll be waving the flag for her personal philosophies through the event but, far from preaching about eating habits or converting the most hardline meat-eaters into veganism, this chef and artist uses other means to make people more conscious about how we process and consume food.

In a relaxed and open environment, everyone will be able to rethink their own relationship with food, through not only art but panels, workshops and performances.

The panels and discussions will take place across 14 venues, the first one at Halleches Haus led by Prof. Guido Ritter, a specialist in nutrition and professor at Münster University, Hendrik Haase, food activist and artist, Denise Loga from Sustainable Food Academy, and Abi Aspen Glencross, who is a PhD cellular agriculture researcher, farmer and creator of Future Farm Lab, which aims to “reshape the food system by putting farmers back at the centre of it”.

And, for those of you more active, many hands-on workshops will take place, like one that mixes Yoga and digestion techniques, or one for the kids that explains in a poetic way the impacts of meat production.

The Berlin Food Art Week 2017 calendar and events you can find all here. Look out for tickets, they sell out quite fast.

Berlin Food Art Week 2017 vs. Meat
July 7th-14th 2017
Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Senefelderstr. 29
10437 Berlin


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