Finally: find the ones you wish you would have talked to and never did … happn!

By Clio Saal . June 16, 2014


Ever walked passed those pieces of paper taped to a light post on which some guy is looking for a girl he met last night at a rooftop party, she was wearing a red dress and there definitely was eye contact, but he did not ask for her name…? In a last attempt to undo the past and fight for the alleged loves of their lives, Berliners seem to like to plaster every streetlight and electrical stations with those little notes of fate. Every time I see them I wonder if it worked out, if there is some couple in Berlin right now, which is able to tell this out-of a-movie story about how they met… I guess chances a pretty low…


But hey, it is 2014 and we are in Berlin, the city of startups! Of course some very smart French people have recognized the problem and have a solution at hand: happn helps in this very scenario. If you see a special someone and you want to meet him or her again, just let the app spot your location, find out if that other person has the app and send him or her a like. If you get liked back, you both can give that big, fateful love a shot. Think you have heard of this concept before? Maybe, but with happn you have actually met the person in real life, you do not depend on profile pictures. Another little detail is that men have to pay a small fee to use the app, but it is free of charge for women.

In the beginning of 2014, happn found a big following in France and now it is available in Germany as well. Here is to new love stories in Berlin!


This is a sponsored Post in cooperation with Happn.


4 thoughts on “Finally: find the ones you wish you would have talked to and never did … happn!”

  1. interesting would try it if it wasn’t sexist. funnily as well as ridiculing all the men you charge, you also insult the women whose monetised-presence is paid for by the men.

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