Berlin Burlesque Week is Here. Somebody Lace Up My Corset.

By Andrew Cottrill . April 21, 2016

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Well, between April 30th and May 8th we’ll have the opportunity to find out once and for all as Berlin Burlesque Week is here for its first ever year.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Berlin Burlesque Week Lada Redstar

Berlin Burlesque Week is Germany’s largest burlesque event, made up of 11 different shows involving 90 performers over nine days. The sheer tonnage of flesh on display will be enough to make a vegan squirm. And us, the flapper-dressed, top-hatted dapper and dandy crowds will be whooping and hollering with hungry, carnivorous eyes.

To those of you who’ve been paying attention, the Berlin burlesque has been growing bigger and bigger over the last few years – from a small, intimate group of friends performing in a few venues around the city to an international conglomerate of performers (all still friends) performing in burlesque and cabaret nights throughout the week in many long-standing and newly-opened Berlin venues. Berlin Burlesque Week 2016 demonstrates how much the Berlin burlesque scene has developed, throwing the biggest Burlesque event ever in Germany.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Berlin Burlesque Week Programme

The list of performers is huge. Too huge to profile in one piece. Lest to say, anyone who’s flirted with burlesque will know more than a few names of those putting on shows throughout the week. More excitingly, there will be many, many acts you’ll never’ve seen before. Burlesque virgins have the perhaps best treat in store, being able to experience the best Burlesque performers Europe (or the world) has to offer for the first time.

Visit Berlin Burlesque Week’s website for a full list of performers and performances.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Berlin Burlesque Week Banbury Cross

The week is made up of 11 events in a range of venues around the city catering for all different tastes – from the cocktail-and-cigar speakeasy vibe of Primitiv’s Sunday Soiree, to the sequinned ball-gown decadence of the Gala Spectacular, to the laugh-out-loud cheekiness of The Big Tickle!. Many of the events have different ticket prices, so you can pick and choose which you attend. Alternatively, for the burlesque addicts out there, you can buy the Berlin Burlesque Week – All Shows Pass ticket which gives you access to all events.

There will also be 13 workshops for any budding burlesque performer out there, hosted by some of the week’s many performers. These range from ‘Beginner Burlesque’, how to get your on-stage facial expressions right and all the way up to correct tassel twirling.

Competition Time!

Want to be at the Gala Spectacular? We’ve 1 x 2 standing passes for Berlin Burlesque Week’s enormous closing show, the Gala Spectacular, on Saturday, May 7. If you’d like to win, email win@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud with the name of the act you’re most excited to see.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Berlin Burlesque Week Flyer

Berlin Burlesque Week 2016
Visit Berlin Burlesque Week’s website.
Buy all tickets here.


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