Berlin Burlesque Week 2019 Off to a Titillating Start at Ballhaus

By Allison Krupp . June 25, 2019

Berlin Burlesque Week 2019: seven days that rejoice in the strange beauty of bodies, evoking a message of flirtation and power with strip-tease and frenetic beats and sparkling costumes. 

The week ahead — Germany’s largest-ever burlesque event — offers an array of performances all over the city — with themes like circus and gender-bending, comedic nights and cocktail soirées. It all wraps up with the headliner event at Lido — the Gala Spectacular.

Tickets for all events are on sale now, and I can only recommend. These people behind Berlin Burlesque? They know what they’re doing.

burlesque – headerBuy tickets for the next week of events here, which lead up to the conclusion on June 2: from tonight’s Full Moon Cabaret, to Wednesday’s Bedroom Burlesque, to Thursday’s The Shimmy Shakedown, to Friday’s Jews! Jews! Jews! A Purim Masquerade and Cabaret of Curiositease, to Saturday’s headliner — the Gala Spectacular!, to the finale, Sunday’s Soiree.

Beyond that, Berlin Burlesque Week offers a variety of workshops — everything from creative costuming, to cultivating confidence, to just learning proper titty-shaking technique. The week’s about grabbing hold of your body (in more ways than one) and finding your personal brand of confidence. Sometimes, that confidence lurks within an alternate persona, something you try on for the night. Sometimes, all it takes is a coat (or fourteen) of makeup and some tassels to really feel alive.

berlin burlesque week audienceIt’s a funny thing, attending these events now — something of a “woman,” remembering my early burlesque events (some ten years ago), when the thought of revealing such sensuality in public tugged at my heart, made me realize how wretchedly innocent I was, unaccustomed to flashing tits, bravado. 

And attending the gorgeous Ballhaus’ first event — Frack und Spitzenhöschen — reminds me that this initial fear was a worthy obstacle, a necessary block to knock over in order to dig into the inner sanctums of how people progress on their journeys of self-knowledge, of self-trust — of sexuality, of performance.

www.verenagremmer.comThe night’s success lies in its versatility — seated in the grand Ballhaus, we’re taken on a journey — from the high-kicks of “Mein Herr,” to the frenetic beats of Tami T’s “Single Right Now,” to at-times gorgeous, other-times absolutely hilarious costumery. The night honors the true central heartbeat of what Berlin Burlesque Week is all about: separate personalities coming together on stage, to blare out precisely who they are — or who they are, for this night only.

The brilliant lineup for the week ahead includes:

Neo-burlesque Legend: Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon
Cofounder of BurlyCon: Coco Lectric
Winner of Best Debut at Burlesque Hall of Fame 2018: Aria Delanoche
Top 10 Burlesque Performer World-Wide: Sydni Deveraux
Winner of Princess Burlesque: Sweetpea

Berlin Burlesque Facebook Event

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