Balkan Art Exhibition “From Here To Myself” Reflects On Our Distance From Home

By Allison Krupp . January 5, 2016


“Von Hier Zu Mir,” an art exhibition running from January 8 to February 12 at the Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut, features eight Balkan artists, each with a unique perception of “home” and how they’ve grown outside the boundary of those comforts. They’ve found a new home, here, in this wild Berlin world. But how does that change their perception of their real home–and of themselves?

The Balkan artists—working in all mediums, from portraits to photography to video—are a vibrant part of the Berlin art scene and thusly in tune with the city’s aesthetic. “From Here To Myself” allows them to reflect on the space between this, their adopted city, and Balkan countries that they used to call home: Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Bosnia. And that distance, the line between Berlin and the Balkans, links them all together.

And thusly: this exhibit, curated by Berlin-based Macedonian artist Jovan Balov, is a great backdrop for ex-pat reflection—a time for us out-of-towners, all trying to make Berlin feel like “home”, to realize where we’ve been and how each step, each decision we make takes us further from that initial truth. And perhaps if we continue to recognize our link to the past, our experience here will feel richer, more purposeful. We are more than who we once were, at “home.” And that, represented with “From Here To Myself,” is ultimately beautiful.

List of Featured Berlin-Based Balkan Artists:

Lovro Artukovic of Croatia

Laurie Georgopoulos of Greece

Ben Kamili of Macedonia

Semra Sevin of Germany and Turkey

Tijana Titin of Serbia

Boriana Pertschinska of Bulgaria

Nihad Nino Pusija of Bosnia

Jovan Balov of Macedonia


Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut, Leipziger Str. 114


January 8-February 12, 2016
Monday-Friday, 10:00-18:00

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