Attention All Christmas Dinner Parties! French Pâtisserie Direct to Your Door: Tartatata

By Andrew Cottrill . December 4, 2014


As Christmas approaches, we’re entering the festive dinner party season. My own Christmas roast for my Berlin friends is just over a week from now, and all I’m thinking is how I can make this year’s better than last year’s. Even though the roast turkey will always be the centrepiece, I think dessert is the course where you get to show off your skills with a little theatrics here and there. The problem is: I’m awful at making desserts.


There’s a level of planning, precision and artistic ability needed to make a good dessert… and I just don’t have it. So when I heard about start-up Tartatata, who make authentic French tarts and deliver them to your door, I put the flour, sugar and weighing scales away for another year and picked up the phone.


Tartatata is Sandra Serafin, a French tart-making extraordinaire who makes and delivers cute, gourmet tarts to order. Many of her recipes take inspiration from cocktails and contain real spirits, making them perfect for parties. Others are twists on classic recipes, always beautifully presented.

Spicy Chocolate
Spicy Chocolate

Sandra grew up in Burgundy, where she was surrounded by pâtisserie and pâtissiers. She started making her own pastries under the guidance of her father, but it wasn’t until later on that she decided to make tarts her life.

Vine Flower
Vine Flower

Having studied Chemical Engineering, the prospect of getting stuck behind a desk was too much and so Tartatata was born.

The jump from Chemical Engineering to pastry making – Sandra told me – wasn’t as strange as it might sound. “There’s a lot of science and precision that goes into patisserie. My studies were great training for that.”

Santa Cotta
Santa Cotta

Tartatata has created a range of tarts for the winter season, including two special Christmassy ones:

Margarita: Lime cream and Grand Marnier Meringue
Piña Colada: Rum-Coconut mousse and roasted pineapple
Vine Flower: Poached pears and Speculoos crust
Spicy Chocolate: Chocolate, Piment d’Espelette and Nougatine
Cheesecake: Lemon confit cheesecake and redcurrant crème brûlée

Christmas flavours

Black Forest: Chocolate mousse, Amarena cherries and whipped cream
Santa Cotta: Gingerbread crust, Grand Marnier Panna Cotta and pomegranate.

Price list

  • “One-bite” mini-tartlets (minimum order 10): €1,50
  • Tartlets (minimum order 4): €3,20
  • Tart for 4-6 people: €18
  • Tart for 6-8 people: €22
  • Tart for 8-10 people: €28
  • Tart for 10-12 people: €35

Tartatata usually need 24 hours’ notice to make an order, but the Christmas period is going to be busy for Sandra so contact her the earlier the better.

Black Forest
Black Forest

Sandra will also be bringing her tarts to the Deutsch-Französischer Weihnachtsmarkt on the 6th December if you would like to try them along with a wide range of other French Christmas specialities.


Tartatata on Facebook
+49 176 6240 1566


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