Army Truck turned Burger Vendor – the Bunsmobile

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . June 27, 2014


We met up with the founders of the Berlin-based food truck, Bunsmobile, in what is to be the first of our new weekly series in which we will introduce you to the best food trucks in Berlin, and it proved to be a great and mouthwatering experience.

To who ever wants to get a taste of the homemade gourmet burgers and sandwiches in freshly baked buns, come to the Bite Club this Saturday at Kunsthalle Platoon. You won’t be disappointed!

Where: Platoon Kunsthalle, Schönhauser Alle 9 10119 Berlin

When: 28.06 15:00 – 29.06 1:00

Special Burger for this Saturday:

Duroc pork belly six hour braised in Singleton Whisky
Thickly sliced and caramelised on the grill, this supercharged bacon is added to the classic
Bunsmobile cheeseburger (custom bun, mature cheddar, coarsely ground
chuck steak)… sounds good, right?

The guys at the Bunsmobile were nice enough to answer a few of our questions:

What is your food truck/ food stand about and why is it special?

We have the Bunsmobile yellow truck. It’s a 1986 GMC stepvan from the US. It was brought to Berlin by the US army when they were in the Tempelhof military airport. They used it as a food truck for the army.

It’s now ours and we prepare homemade gourmet burgers and sandwiches made out of fresh baked buns. From cheeseburgers to BBQ pork belly sandwiches, and to shrimps guédille, Québec grilled cheese, to gaspacho and French pastries, everything is made from scratch by us and our meat comes from Brandenburg. We also serve a selection of wines and fresh lemonades.

How did you get to Berlin?

We got lost.

When did you get the idea to start a mobile food business?

As a first business it was a good way to start, and being mobile means that you can change location at anytime!


Why are you doing it in Berlin?

Berlin came to our minds because the street food phenomenon was just starting and… why not ?

When was the last time you felt that Berlin loves you?

Every summer…

What were your biggest challenges?

We went to London for the British Street Food Awards with Bite Club and Heisser Hobel. Driving this old truck all the way from Berlin, calling the London baker on the way (without knowing her) to make our buns, doing all the groceries at the fish market at 4 am… all that was an incredible challenge.

What can our readers experience at the Bunsmobile?

We are making a special burger for Bite Club, which is our classic cheddar cheeseburger topped with a 4-hour braised bacon, marinated in Singleton Whisky… so we would say just having a really good time.

buns bun

Thanks for the interview!

Webpage: http://bunsmobile.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bunsmobile

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bunsmobile

Text: Chuala Hinrichs


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