It’s almost time! – Neukölln Shopping Nacht #4

By Sarah Luisa Santos . April 24, 2015

neukolln shopping nacho

As many of you may know, BERLIN LOVES YOU is presenting Neukölln Shopping Nacht together with Laura Le Marchand, founder of Down by Retro.

We are very excited for the 4th edition of the event, which will take place on the 9th of May, with many more shops participating and places to enjoy a good drink while you go.

Once again, Neukölln Shopping Nacht includes a wide range of designers, shops, chefs, baristas and even performers. Many locations will offer special discounts, free drinks and live music. All in all, a lovely excuse for an Saturday evening out in Neukölln.

laura le marchand

So let’s get down to the business. Here comes a quick round up of the event’s discounts (so far…):

Aurelia Paumelle, designer shop, will offer 10% off across their entire range

Bohei, accessories and gifts, will have 50% off on Berliner Töchter items

Barettino Cafe, ragu and vegetarian lasagna for €4,50!

BCR/DBR, vintage shop and record store, will have 20% off on clothes

An Autre Voodoo, young and upcoming designers, will have 10% off on their entire range

Shio, designer shop, will have 50% off on selected up-cycled vintage items

Veist, clothing shop, will have a €5 sale and 1 for 1 vintage clothes swap

Of course… many other stores, cafes and bars are participating and I will be profiling most of them in the run-up to the event. Alas, I am but one person and cannot do them all (although I wish I could, they are all super nice!) – so I invite you all to go there personally and check them out for yourselves!

dj nsn

Neukölln Shopping Nacht will happen on the 9th of May, between 16Uhr–22Uhr. Important: there will be an after-party at Twinpigs bar and you all are invited ;)

after party twin pigs


Neukölln Shopping Nacht #4 

9.05.2015 – 16Uhr-22Uhr


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