Adidas’s New Black Mirror-Esque Ad

By Andrew Cottrill . January 26, 2018

Adidas Originals’ new ad is a Black Mirror-esque urban dystopia. With sneakers.

Drones in sleek urban uniforms multiply, they dance, breathe, think in sync. Their world is a backdrop of nameless products, consumer items without meaning. Their vinyls are interchangeable because they’re all the same. Cars are merely obstacles to climb over. The only thing with any real identity is the clothes they wear. Until now.

These style-conscious hoodlums aren’t our TV and smartphone-trapped generation. The black mirrors have been and gone. Now, TVs are merely garbage, discarded on the street as a new, more regimentented thought-factory has taken over. They must escape.

Their plan involves scrambling over a society’s worth of consumer junk; up a tower of TVs and over a mountain of unwanted football trophies (satire, huh?). When they reach the top, they realise the glass ceiling has already been broken. It was broken all along.

Pulling each other through the gaping hole and into the brave unknown, they realise that they’re not escaping into a brighter future. The plan could never have worked. The system had already beaten them.

Finding themselves, united but confined, in an ever smaller prison than before, they look at the camera with fighting determination. They are the Originals. They will continue because the Original Is Never Finished.

But this isn’t the message of this flashy new advert by Adidas for their Adidas Originals range of urban clothes and sneakers. With the tag line ‘OUT OF REPETITION, COMES VARIATION. OUT OF VARIATION, COMES ITERATION. OUT OF ITERATION, COMES CREATION.’, Adidas suggests that its clothing line has evolved over the years, reaching ever new apexes of development, to the point where everything else is just faceless, bland, uniform.

If you want to find out more about Adidas Originals, follow this link.

Article written in cooperation with Adidas.


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